Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Go As CHEERS

Every day around this time of year, the internet declares that someone new has ‘won Halloween’ by way of creating a fantastically unique or awesome costume. Bloggers and publishers can put away those superlative headlines for the year (and possibly for many years to come) because this, THIS is how you win Halloween:

I defy you to find one flaw either physical or conceptual with this costume. It’s perfect in every way. The mere possibility that a costume such as this would be created one day is what put Halloween on the Mount Rushmore of holidays so very long ago. This, my friends, does not ‘win Halloween’, this IS Halloween.

Even Wario in the background sits dejected as he has given up, SURE he was going to take first place on this night. Not this year, Wario.

via Reddit/UPROXX

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