Benefits Of CBD Dog Treats

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The CBD industry is one that has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times and this is all thanks to the farm bill of 2018. It has gained so much popularity that some folks call it the wonder drug. Although there is no concrete and conclusive scientific research to show its efficacy, many people swear by it.

Much as CBD is good for humans, it is also good for animals especially cats and dogs. This is because of the endocannabinoid system in both humans and animals with which it interacts to deliver its benefits to the user.  You can check out this site for more information on how the endocannabinoid system functions:

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol which is simply known as CBD is the less popular offspring of cannabis sativa. This is the plant from which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is also gotten. THC is the main ingredient that gives cannabis or pot as it is commonly called the psychoactive feature which makes its users high.

Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol just happen to be the most popular cannabinoids of the sativa plant. There are about 100 or more of different cannabinoids in the plant and they contribute to give an entourage effect when used in a full spectrum CBD product.

The level of research that has been carried out so far shows that CBD is more medicinal and aids in the treatment of several health conditions. THC on the other hand is known to raise anxiety levels and make users high. It is also likely to make people addicted to it and always crave for it.

That being said however, the law allows that a maximum of .3% THC can be used in a full spectrum CBD product. This is because it is believed that this would help give an entourage effect but not make the user high.

Benefits Of CBD

Many users swear by the fact that this substance is very useful for relieving anxiety, PSTD depression and chronic pain. It is also advertised as having the ability to relieve insomnia. The major selling point of this substance is that it doesn’t make the user high.

In addition to the issues we have mentioned earlier, the following are also some other health benefits that can be derived from cannabidiol:-

  1. Treatment of certain forms of epilepsy in children. It is the primary ingredient used in Epidolex which is an FDA approved drug for treating epileptic seizure in children.
  2. Helps in alleviating gastrointestinal issues.
  3. Improves appetite
  4. Alleviates inflammation

We could go on and on about this ‘wonder’ medicine but our focus in this article is actually about its use in the production of dog treats.  There are many of such products and it is important that you buy the ones that are of premium quality to get the full benefits. Look for products such as Pet Hemp Company dog treats to be sure that you have the real deal.

Before we go on to discuss these benefits, let’s see the importance of dog treats in general.

Importance of Dog Treats

Many dog owners do not know that treats are not only for when their pet has been good but that it is beneficial for the health of the dog. It is true that your canine friend should not be over indulged but these treats are an important component of its daily routine and diet.

The following are some ways that treats can be used to the benefit of your pooch:-

  1. As Training Incentive – In addition to a lot of positive reinforcement and patience, treats can help your pet learn faster.
  2. As Comfort or Compensation – Things like chew, peanut butter treats or bone treats (these should not be real bones because they can be harmful to your canine friend) help to keep your pet busy while you are away. This will not only alleviate your guilt but also ensure that they would not chew on your stuff.
  3. As Health Supplements – These are also called functional food because they supplement the animal’s diet and help to keep it healthy. There are a myriad of these treats but our concentration here would be CBD treats.

This list that we have given is not an exhaustive one but we believe you get the drift. Click here for more information on the subject.

Benefits Of CBD Dog Treats

To understand the benefit of CBD dog treat for your furry friend, all you need to do is put together the benefits of CBD and that of dog treats. That would give you a summation of what you pet stands to gain from the introduction of cannabidiol infused treats into its daily routine.

But for the sake of clarity, the following is a list of some of these benefits:-

  1. Serves as painkiller – as your dog gets older, it begins to experience chronic pain due to arthritis. This makes the animal have joint pains and impedes mobility. The treat would block pain receptors and alleviate the pain.
  2. Helps to alleviate vomiting and other stomach issues thereby improving the appetite of the dog.
  3. Most dogs experience anxiety from due to separation or loud noises. These goodies that are infused with CBD oil can go a long way to calm your pet.
  4. Works as an anti-inflammatory agent; so no matter where your furry friend develops an inflammation, the treat can help reduce it.
  5. It boosts the immune system of your pet.


CBD dog treats provide the necessary dietary supplement for your canine friend while also making it happy. So with this product, you have a win-win situation; you treat your dog while also supplementing its diet and maintaining its wellbeing.  Just ensure that you get your supply from reputable sellers.

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