Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On Online Gambling And Gaming

by Staff & Contributors

It’s true that the pros frequently have it all when it comes to winning games and tables in online casinos. But this doesn’t mean that those who are novice can’t cash in for a win, too. Take a look at these basic tips on how to increase your chances of success when gambling online.

How To Win More Even As An Beginner Online Gambler 

1. Free Games. Don’t Ignore Them 

For one reason or another, statistics show that free games tend to be ignored by many online gamblers. If you’re new to the world of gambling on web-supported platforms, make sure not to miss out on these low-cost-to-costless tournaments. 

Instead of painstakingly needing to work for points, players earn them instead, for free (other platforms reward winners with extra turns). Why is this a good thing? Besides the fact that they’re no-cost plays, they’re your avenues for doing a bit of gambling “practice” before heading up towards big-shark plays. And you get to practice on a chargeless bill. 


2. Stack Up On Bonuses 

Free money on games from AllSlotsCasino.com? Yes, please! Gambling tenderfoots (and sometimes, even the pundits alike), forget or are unaware that free money can be collected via bonuses. Not just points. Actual cash can be applied to your succeeding games. 

You’ll be amazed at how much you can earn with refer-a-friend hits, completing the sign-up process, making a deposit of a particular amount to your gaming account, and the like. Let’s not forget those additional spins on specific games. That’s less for you to spend on supplementary turns and/or rounds in a single game.


3. No Alcohol (And Other Such Substances) 

Traditional casinos have bars ingeniously situated in every corner of every room for serving alcoholic beverage. The advantage that you have as an online casino player is that you won’t have these set up in your home. Your fridge will be there, of course. But here’s the deal: no alcohol when gambling. 

Alcohol directly affects your central nervous systems as it’s a depressant. It dulls the senses, and thus, slows your cognitive operations. They make you less alert and less able to make logical, rational decisions when playing. That, and its effects linger (Sidenote: there’s a reason why conventional casinos offer players alcohol without limits, on discounts, or at other times, free of charge!). Not good for when you’re wagering your hard-earned money against the odds.


4. Your Budget Versus The Price On A Spin 

Don’t get too excited with games that promise high cash-wins but at a price. If you’re running on a $70 limit, it might not be wisest to cash in on $20-dollar spins. 

There’s no shame in choosing $1 dollar spins. True, the earnings will be far less. However, you’ll have more fun with more rounds, and certainly more chances of winning! At the end of the day, you can add up the total and be surprised at just how much you’ve won with these smaller rounds. 


5. Shorter Games 

The pitfall that newbie online gamblers entrap themselves into is playing on and on, non-stop. Take breaks in between games. And yes, even when you feel as though you’re on a winning streak. 

By the way, when it comes to winning streaks, stop once you’ve reached your limit. You won’t want to lose all that which you’ve won in a blip just because you got a little bit greedy (don’t worry, we’ve been there, too). 

Now, going back to shorter games, this has to do with being focused on each game. This one’s a practical tip— don’t play when you’re tired and less able to concentrate. A 10-minute breather and/or coffee break can work wonders in refreshing your mind and readying it for another online game of wagering. 

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