Effective Ways To Build Your Vocabulary

by N B

Do you feel short of words while conversing with someone? If yes, this is probably because you do not brush your vocabulary every now and then. Though many people think they already know enough, there are few who love learning a word a day.

Apart from that, there are writers who play around with words. They need a firm hold on the language they will write in. If you are one amongst any of these categories, we are here to help you out.

Here we tell you some effective ways to build your vocabulary without putting in much effort.


Play word games

Not many people would give you this suggestion. However, this is one of the quirkiest ways to expand your vocabulary. You could either play games on your mobile or choose scrabble and crossword games. Ask any of your family members to join you as you set out to win the game.

If you ever get stuck, Wordgiraffe.com will bail you out. Just enter the alphabet, and you would get a massive collection of words that fit into the groove. You not only do well in the game but build up a vocabulary that is hard to beat.


Develop a habit of reading

The simplest way to work on your vocabulary is to read as many books as you can. Books are not only entertaining, but the words slipped behind their covers expand your word knowledge more than anything else. If you are hesitant to do so, start by reading any newspaper or magazine.

Once the reading bug bites you, it will be better to shift to novels. After some time, you will automatically start understanding the meaning of the basis of the word, the context in which they are used. However, if you feel there is any word that you are unable to grasp, then keep a dictionary nearby to help you out.


Using flashcards

Flashcards are another method that is highly effective. There are apps on your smartphone which share words in this format. You can always start with one word a day. However, if you think that you are able to memorize more, increase the number regularly.

While using these flashcards, the apps also share the usage of each word. This makes it easy for you to use the same in your daily conversations. Again while using them, do not start immediately with tough words, as you might just get confused.


Word of the day

There are websites on the internet that provide you a word a day to learn. Along with the word, you also get its other details like origin, different meanings, and ways in which you can apply it.

However, these websites only send one word per day, which means your vocabulary enhancement would be a slow-moving process.

If you are ok with it, you can subscribe to more than one website. By doing that, you will get almost five to six or more words a day in your inbox every day. This should surely put you back on track.


Practice by using new words

Learning new words is pointless if you do not practice them. Once you have learned a new word, try using it a few times in your conversation. It is possible that the person you are talking to may have no idea of the meaning. You can then proudly flaunt your knowledge.

However, do not rush to start practicing. Do your research first and see the different ways in which you can use the word. Thankfully the internet is full of such information, and it should not be tough for you to do this.


Create word associations

If you are quick at forgetting meanings, you can associate words with other objects and create an association. For example, the word Gargantuan means “very large”; you can associate it with the word giant. Once you do that, you will always remember the meaning as everybody recollects the meaning of giant.

By forming associations, you can recall the words quickly. What’s more, this learning will stay with you for a long time, which is what you want. However, use normal objects for associations, items whose meaning is straightforward for you to recall.


Complete vocabulary tests

At the end of a week, you could take vocabulary tests on the internet to see how you are faring. By taking this quiz, you will realize where you are standing with regard to the level of progress. It is also possible that initially, you might find your scores are not so impressive. However, as you keep going, this will improve.

If possible, keep a record of all the tests you take so that there is no duplication. Also, reward yourself once you see the graph increasing as it is evident that you are progressing. This reward will motivate you to move ahead with more zeal and enthusiasm.


Take writing classes

As a last resort, join a writing class as that has long-term benefits for you. Take this writing course online or at any university so that you also have to submit assignments and get guidance from teachers.

By undergoing this course, you will get to know new and exciting words. Apart from that, if you want to pursue a career in writing, then this course is helpful. Many organizations these days want their employees to work on their communication skills. The writing course could be your first successful way of doing that.



Building a strong vocabulary helps a person in more than one way. If ever you feel the need to do so, use the above effective ways to do so. At any point, do not leave this practice in the middle. Over a period of time, you will learn new words and start loving the tricks behind doing so.

A knowledgeable person is successful in impressing people just by the way he communicates. Whether it is professional or personal, gathering your communication skills attracts a lot of attention. By putting in an extra effort at this point, you stand to gain in all aspects.

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