UnderScoopFire Podcast #18 – “The Sharp Left Turn”

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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 20, 2012

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This week the guys from UnderScoopFire got on their “computer phones” again and tried to discuss a specific topic. As usual, they were derailed- this time by a failed attempt to woo a corporate sponsor within the first 4 minutes.

Once we righted the ship, we examined all of the things we look forward to most in the first quarter of 2012. Topics covered are new and returning TV shows, video games, comic events, movies, and many more geeky delights. We also extend an invitation for one listener to join the UnderScoopFire family!

Can’t give away all of what we discussed but here’s a sample:

Also, we have it on good authority (we think) that Aaron Neville is looking forward to Beauty and the Beast 3D.

The two podcasts we mentioned in the show’s shout-outs:

Cold Slither Podcast

General Geekery (A Podcast For the Geeks By the Geeks)


Goon trailer Corey promised:

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This guy is NOT happy with us

  • James

    It really is getting better and better each show as your personalities and history come out. Best episode yet, looking fwd to #19!

  • http://twitter.com/SockOfFleagulls Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    Everybody plays the fool…sometimes…there’s no except to the rule…listen, baby!
    Mr. Zacari I would say earned his keep with the Charles and Eddie save.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/chapmanrunner Corey Chapman

      I can picture Joe quietly typing “Would I Lie To You” into Google as Howie was on his Neville Run. SO glad he caught that!

  • http://tvandfilmtoys.com Engineernerd

    It was mentioned about picking up spam tweeters by the use of hashtags. I can one up that.

    Early in my Twitter days, Mrs Nerd was trying out some social media tools for her business including one that would follow folks on your behalf. She asked me for key words, to which I told here “toys” and “action figures”

    I will say it worked. However there are a large number of folks interested in “toys” that you can not find hanging on the pegs at Walmart. More like the sort of thing you would have sent to your house in brown paper.


    • http://underscoopfire.com Howard Decker

      HAHA! Yeah I could see “toys” as being a hot keyword for that demographic. Brown paper ha!

      • http://tvandfilmtoys.com Engineernerd

        You should see the key words people use to find the review I did for the Torture Rack Han Solo action figure.

        • http://underscoopfire.com Howard Decker

          BWAHAHA!! That could be a great blog post in itself. And just imagine the SEO results! New readers!

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howard Decker

      and by the way, thanks very much for listening and commenting!

      • http://tvandfilmtoys.com Engineernerd

        I’m a child of the 80′s. I’ts my duty.

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