U.S.S. Flagg Highlights the Biggest G.I.Joe Birthday Haul Ever

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

The picture below, found on the website I’m Remembering, is courtesy of UnderScoopFire friend Chad Young. Chad shares our feeling toward the elusive G.I. Joe aircraft carrier, the USS Flagg – he posts on Facebook: “PROOF that someone actually received the USS Flagg for their birthday“.

Getting my hands on a USS Flagg was my biggest unrealized childhood goal. I’ve actually never even seen one in person to this day. Despite this, I’ve never been jealous of or spiteful toward any lucky Flagg owner; HOWEVER – the young (and seemingly unappreciative) smug little creep in this picture not only got a USS Flagg for his birthday (apparently fully assembled when he found it, by the way – a nice touch) but :LOOK at all of those other vehicles and playsets he got!!

I assume he got this haul in one day, because who would get a present, and then instead of playing all day say “Wait, wait – let’s get out all of the boxes from every toy in my collection and stack them up on and around the new gift, because I’m a mega-showoff and I want all of my friends to cry.”? Okay, maybe that’s actually a very possible scenario. Whatever.

I need your help on identifying everything in the pile. Hit the comments and let me know what I’ve missed.

I’m seeing a Tomahawk, a HAVOC, a Conquest (behind the birthday banner), it goes on and on.

F you, kid.

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