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The Cast:
Mr. Serious, Battle Armor Joe, & Tank

Previous Special Guests:
WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele,
Guinness World Record Holder John Moschitta Jr. (“Micro Machines/Fed Ex guy”),
comedian and radio host Marianne Sierk,
Diamond Dallas Page,
Grantland & Deadspin’s David Shoemaker
Author of How Fantasy Sports Explains the World, ESPN’s AJ Mass,
Thundercats/Shadowlaw writer Brandon Easton

The second quarter is almost here and with it comes fantastically geeky things!

This week Joe, Tank and Corey start out of the gate singing and the craziness only takes off from there. They discuss Tank’s trip to Monster Mania and chat about what celebs he rubbed elbows (and smoked cigars with). Check out the debate about how the second half of this season of The Walking Dead should [...]

This week, Corey & Tank recap the Oscars and talk about True Detective SPOILER FREE!

This week, Corey, Joe and Tank welcome Howie back to the podcast.

Podcast episode #92 is here!

It’s the exclusive and triumphant return of Classick the Pod-tastic!