Your Easy Guide On How To Use PDFBear’s Features

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You cannot deny that sometimes working at home is more challenging compared to working at the office. That’s because there are too many files that need to be sent via emails, such as monthly reports, financial records, and more. With that, you need to learn how you can effectively take advantage of PDFBear and its PDF tools.

Merge PDF

Here’s an easy and quick look at how to merge PDF files using the most updated and reliable PDF tool right now. PDFBear isn’t your typical online PDF tool, you might already know it or not, but PDFBear has more PDF tools beside converting PDF documents. Some examples of these tools are the Merge PDF, PDF Split, Protect PDF, Unlock PDF, and more.

You won’t believe the capability of PDFBear if you haven’t tried it yet. There are many online PDF tools you can try right now; however, they just couldn’t compete with the quality and ingenuity of PDFBear. So, what’s the Merge PDF of PDFBear, and what it can do to help you? That will be discussed in the next paragraph, which will enlighten you.

Merge PDF is an online tool to help individuals like yourself combine specific PDF documents or pages. It also provides the highest merging qualities, which is far better than its competitors. There’s only one way to use PDFBear’s Merge PDF and online for your information by going into PDFBear’s web page.

This also means that you don’t need to download or install particular software to use PDFBear’s tools, such as the Merge PDF. All of its tools can be accessed and used on its website right away. PDFBear uses an exceptional cloud storage system, which lets you use PDFBear’s storage instead of personal computer storage.

Delete Pages

PDF documents can be challenging to deal with, especially if you don’t have the right tools, such as deleting or removing specific pages or files on your PDF. Fortunately, PDFBear created an online tool in which you can manually remove or delete any file or page that you want on your PDF. The Delete Pages tool of PDFBear offers the most precise deleting process.

There are only three steps that you have to do so that you can delete a particular page or file. The first step or process is by clicking the “Select File,” or you can also drag and drop your file. The second step is selecting which pages or files you want to be removed. And the third and last step is just a waiting process until PDFBear finishes the entire process.

As you can see, using PDFBear’s Delete Pages tool is pretty straightforward, unlike other PDF tools online. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a very flexible online PDF tool right now, then PDFBear is the best one out there. It can operate and run on different operating systems, making it one of the most flexible PDF tools.

If you’re a very time conscious person, it’s worth noticing that PDFBear’s PDF tools, such as the Delete Pages, offer the quickest deleting process. Within a few seconds, PDFBear’s Delete Pages can remove dozens of PDF files at a time. To save you some effort and give you plenty of time to do other things.

PDF Editor

There’s no other PDF Editor on the internet right now that offers the highest quality of edition than PDFBear’s PDF Editor. If you have a research paper, office reports, financial records, and other files that need to be edited use PDFBear’s PDF Editor.

This PDF Editor from PDFBear allows you to change font style, text, add and delete photos, crop some images, and more. PDFBear wants their users and old clients to experience the best service, especially editing their PDF files.

PDF Reader

As the name of this tool says, PDF Reader means it will read any type of PDF files and documents. However, the PDF Reader of PDFBear doesn’t just read PDF files; it can also open, share, and even provide a very high-definition preview of your PDF photos and images alike.

To read a particular file or document using PDFBear’s PDF Reader, you just have to upload your file directly to the PDF Reader tool. Once your file or document is thoroughly analyzed, you can now open your file freely. This particular tool also allows you to edit your file directly. If you need to print your file, you can also use this tool.


The good thing about PDFBear’s PDF Reader is that you are assured that all of your information will be safe. With its best in the class SSL encryption, no one can hack or even see your information without your permission. Furthermore, since PDFBear aims to give the best quality of service for you, PDFBear will promise to give its latest version for you.


PDFBear created a name of its own by providing excellent service and top-notch conversion quality. If you have a PDF file that needs to be edited, opened, deleted, or merged, PDFBear has that kind of tool just for you.


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