What’s All The Fuss About College Football?

All across the country people gather in their hundreds to enjoy college football. Whilst the NFL might offer the glitz and glamour of multimillion dollar stadiums and sporting mega-stars, there is something about college football and its grass roots that makes people passionate about the teams they support.


Enduring Player and Team Connections

Although coaches may sometimes move from team to team, in actuality there is very little movement between teams. Players who grow up playing for a team do so for a long time and fans and bettors alike come to know them and their game. A lot of time, money and emotion is invested into college football and this makes for enduring connections. Having a steady team make up also makes college football a good thing to bet on as there is a sense of stability and ease of prediction in form and outcome; it is easy to do online with sites like USLB. Following a team and predicting possible success becomes a lot easier when the ‘unknowns’ are reduced.


Fan Familiarity

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that college football is so popular and games are so well attended is because fans often have personal relationships with the players on the field. Many in the crowd have been through their education alongside the players, others are there to watch family or community members and this means that there is a genuine passion and connection between the fans and the players.


Tough Rivalries

Due to the fact that the fans are often closely connected to the players, the rivalries that exist in college football are fierce to say the least.


Playbook Variety

College teams never shy away from ‘switching it up’ and trying something new. In a highly competitive league where every game counts, teams are willing to take a risk and try something new in order to win. This makes for exciting games and exciting seasons.



The overtime format can be both a betting delight and a nightmare. However, in terms of excitement and nail-biting entertainment, there are very few other leagues that come close. There have been some fantastic games over the years that have been decided in the dying minutes of overtime and the opportunity to play harder and longer always comes with its share of thrills and spills for bettors and spectators alike. Some of the best games of all time have been played at the collegiate level, with some of the greatest college football comebacks you just have to see to believe.



There is nothing more iconic when it comes to college football than the match day itself. From cheerleaders to bunting, college football regalia is instantly recognizable around the world. You will struggle to find many teen films or rom coms that fail to feature a highly charged college football match.



Finally, the players in the college football league are often some of the best in the sport. The players play to be noticed and give their heart and soul to every match. Playing in a highly competitive league means that the players have to be good to be selected and this makes for exciting matches and great betting opportunities every match.

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