Great Video Games to Play When Feeling Bored

by Staff & Contributors

While some people enjoy loneliness and peaceful time they can spend alone, others cannot stay a minute without some activities. Irrespective of the reasons, being stuck at home is not fun, especially if you have nothing interesting to do. Fortunately, video games can always help you forget about your worries and kill time. Moreover, with the diversity of dependable video games betting platforms, you can also earn a considerable sum of money without leaving the comfort of your home. Are you excited about the exclusive opportunity? Check out the list of the brightest and the most involving video games you will enjoy. Opt for your favorite genre and discover new games you have never played. Follow the list to find quality options that will not leave you indifferent.


It is one of the iconic games offered in the battle royale genre. The shooter is ultimately appreciated by devoted players all around the globe. If you enjoy interesting gameplays, fascinating graphics, and constant fights with the enemies, that is the right option for you to consider. It is also important to mention that there is a multiplayer mode in the game so that you can enjoy it with your friends.

Apex Legends

Another impressive game, similar to Fortnite, will diversify your days and make them more exciting. As presupposed by the genre, this excellent first-person shooter is the best game for those who are fond of high-flying options. Just fight all your enemies and become the last man standing. Let your friends join your team to beat everyone together and have a fantastic time.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

It is hard, almost impossible, to find a passionate video game player who has not been actively involved in PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds, more known as PUBG. With a convenient mobile version of the game, you will have an opportunity to enjoy it without leaving your bed or comfy sofa. Aren’t you alone at home? Up to four people can participate in this battle royale game.

World of Tanks

Are you impressed by the name of the game? It is the right time to give it a try then. As the title implied, the gamer finds himself in the tank right from the very first second of the round. Your machine gets plopped down on a map, and that’s the time when the fight starts. The main goal of the player is to fight with other tanks and survive through the round. Similar to other battle royale games, you will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy quality gameplay, fantastic graphics and unique features.

Dark Souls

Experienced players are not interested in the game anymore, as they can easily get through the trilogy in a matter of hours. Amateur gamers, instead, will have an opportunity to have over 50 hours of interesting gameplay, quality graphics, and unforgettable battles. You will have to build a strategy and use all your skills to win.

Super Mario Maker

Do you remember a perfect classical Super Mario game? Are you the one who enjoyed it most of all? Super Mario Maker is the game that will help you forget about boredom and have fun. Create an endless number of levels to add to the game, or use your chance to enjoy the courses designed by your friends. No matter which part you choose, it will help you kill time, getting new knowledge.

Tetris 99

Even though the name of the game sounds simple, it takes much time, patience, logical thinking, and experience to win. Traditionally, players have to clean the lines, but then, they send their lines to fellow players, striving to knock them down. The game is fast, so you need to be alert and attentive to win.

MLB the Show 20

Sporting video games also have their fans, so Major League Baseball may become the option worth your attention. If you enjoy the game, you will also love a chance not to watch, but participate.

Pokémon Go

If you are bored at home, that is not a reason to get upset and depressed. Instead, that is the unique chance to download Pokémon Go and head towards adventures. The game has become an immediate hit right from the moment of its release and is still popular among young and adult gamers. Unlike the vast majority of other video games, Pokémon Go will make you stand up and go. Explore different parts of your city, roam around the blocks searching for Pokémon and collection points.

League of Legends

If you are a passionate video game player, there is no way you have never enjoyed several rounds of well-known League of Legends. The game is a top choice for those who prefer strategy games that require logical thinking, problem-solving and time-management skills. Keep in mind that the option is exceptionally involving, so you may lose much of your precious time. On the other hand, that’s exactly what you need when you feel bored.


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