What engines do mobile game developers use?

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The mobile game industry is continually getting fame because the users’ engagement towards the apps is also increasing. The mobile game industry is now playing a massive role in the digital world. People like to play games and get entertained by them. That is why it is getting so much fame. People not only use mobile phones to send messages or to check up the news but also use it as entertainment. Some platforms and industries have created and launched games in the app stores that have become popular among developers and companies. Nowadays, the majority of people love to play on their mobiles and tablets. Due to this, mobile games can become a way of high earning for people. So get into this business. If you have entered this field then you have to meet with some game makers. They will help you in creating your game product. Take a look at other’s work and decide what you need. Some of the popular engines for game developers are given below:


  1. Unity-3D:

Among the top Mobile developer engines, Unity-3D is the most popular gaming platform developed by Unity technologies. This game developing engine helps you create the game of your desire using fantastic 2D and 3D features. Through this, you can also work together with your team. It also has a very excellent feature that you can import assets from other 3D platforms like Maya or Blender. You can also purchase a wide range of assets from its store. If you are a beginner in this field, no worry. This fantastic game developing platform also provides tutorials and help material to the beginners. This gaming platform is one of the most popular game creation software made by Unity-3D.


Supported systems: It supports systems like iOS, Android, and Windows phones.


Pricing: It is free for personal use, but it charges 25$ per month for addition and 125$ per month for pro edition. Some of the famous games developed using Unity are Lara Croft Go, Angry Birds 2, and Pokémon Go.


  1. Unreal Engine

If you are new or not an expert in game development, the Unreal engine is the best platform because it doesn’t need programming skills. It is due to its user-friendly features. It allows the elements to make changes and modify your game without programming skills or changing codes. It also allows the users to test their games inside the engine. This engine gives you 3D graphics and gets your users hooked to your game.


Supported systems: It supports all the arrangements like Windows PC, Sony Playstation 4, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and VR systems.


Pricing: It is free for small projects. If you have earned 3000$, you have to pay 5% royalty. Some of the famous mobile games developed using Unreal Engine are Heart at Attack, Lineage II: Revolution, Pubg, and ABC Augmented Reality.


  1. Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a cross-platform of 2D game development. This engine uses the Lua scripting language, which is pretty easy to understand and code with. You can find many plug-ins in the Corona Market place by the use of its 2D features. This gaming platform is famous for its clear documentation and its supportive and active community. It also provides you real-time simulation that helps you to see how your app will look after changes.


Supported Platforms: It supports the systems of iOS, Android, Windows phone, Kindle, and Apple/Android TV.


Pricing: The core functions are free of cost to use on this platform. Some famous mobile games developed using Corona are Grow Beets Clicker, and I Love Hue.


  1. SpriteKit

SpriteKit is a 2D gaming engine that allows its users to create 2D games. Apple officially launches it. SpriteKit supports both Swift and Objective-C languages. It gives a wide range of features to its users that will help create high-quality 2D games. It is the best platform for you if you are thinking of developing a game for Apple. As it’s supported by Apple so, you don’t need to download external sources or libraries. Because, surely, it would perfectly match and suit in all Apple’s new products.

Supported systems: As it is launched by Apple, it only iOS.


Pricing: Apple has given it to the users free of cost. Some famous games developed using SpriteKit are Squashy Bug, Trestle, and Accelebot.


  1. Marmalade SDK

Marmalade SDK main feature that makes it famous among the top game developers is that it allows users to make native games for mobiles and desktop. It works on the C++ code language, and it features you to develop both 2D and 3D games. This platform provides you different libraries, codes, and tools to help yourself with programming and testing.


Supported systems: It supports all the systems like iOS, Android, Windows phone, blackberry, and TV systems.


Pricing: As it is a premium engine, you have to pay $600 for it. Some famous and well-known games developed using the Marmalade engine are Plants vs. Zombies 2, Metal Gear Solid Mobile, Worms, Cut the Rope, and Need for Speed.


  1. Buildbox

Buildbox helps you to create your own game in a short duration in an effortless way. It doesn’t require coding language. You have to make characters, import them, assign them a role, and get started. You can also change them and check them in real-time. If you are not a game developer expert, it is the best suit for you.


Supported systems: It only supports iOS.


Pricing: It is also not free for users. You have to pay $15 per month for a plus plan and $35 per month for the Indie plan. $99 per month is required for getting a pro plan. Some famous games developed using Buildbox are Timelight, Reached, and cmd/ctrl.


These are some well-known game developing engines used by expert game developers. Anyone can create a set of its style using these engines. These platforms are also helpful for the gaming business.


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