Unusual and Funny Facts from the History of Casinos and Gambling

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A casino is a place where everyone can try their luck and also feel a sense of excitement. You can find roulette, slot machines, card games, and other entertainment. The history of the casino itself contains many interesting facts related to players and gambling in general. Here are some interesting facts that you will find exciting.

First Slot Machine

The first slot machine was invented by car mechanic Charles Fey in 1895. This invention was made far outside of Las Vegas. It was installed in the workshop of Charles Fey, which was located in San Francisco. Customers could play on it while Fey fiddled with their cars. Soon casinos learned about this invention. 


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First License

The first founders of casinos in Las Vegas were not only cruel and dangerous people. Mayme Stocker became the first person to be granted a license to open a casino. This event happened in 1920. The establishment was called the Northern Club. Stocker was often written about in the newspapers. At that time, she was quite a famous person. People spoke of her as a promising woman and a good mother. The casino was opened in her name. The Northern Club casino became quite popular, people came to play from all parts of the city.

First Sandwich

John Montagu was an avid gambler who couldn’t even take a break for lunch. Once, hungry, he ordered meat to be brought to him between two pieces of bread. So he could eat and play at the same time. This happened in 1765.


Herbert Mills was a man who played an important role in the development of slot machines. He suggested that the screen be enlarged so that each player could see that he was just one step away from victory. When a person sees that he still has a little bit left, it kindles interest. As a result, the time spent at the machine increases, and with it, the profit also grows. Players are starting to take risks and play more than before.

Citizens of Monaco Cannot Play at Monte Carlo

The famous Monte Carlo casino in Monaco is a paradise for gamblers unless you are a citizen of this country. Princess Caroline banned citizens from gambling in the mid-1800s, insisting that revenues should only come from foreigners. The good news is that the citizens of Monaco do not pay income tax.

Dice as a Snack

Legal gambling with an official licensing system originated in the United States in the first half of the twentieth century. However, Americans started gambling long before that. Many of them preferred to try their luck at the early versions of craps and other gambling games with dice.


If the police unexpectedly appeared in an underground casino, lawbreakers tried to get rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. Small six-sided cubes could be easily hidden in the stomach, so they were swallowed immediately. It’s hard to say if this trick resulted in digestive problems, but it certainly helped keep the police out of trouble.

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