6 Best Movies About Gambling and Casinos

by Staff & Contributors

Gambling has always attracted many people. There is something magical about them that can even quickly bring in a decent income. It is not surprising that films about this kind of games also quickly gained popularity. The players, thanks to their unusual outlook on life, evoke sympathy from someone, and condemnation from someone. However, they are of particular interest. Here is a selection of the best films about gambling.

Even Money

In the center of the plot are several completely different people who are not connected in any way. There is only one thing that unites them – a passion for gambling. They are used to playing big no matter what. It ruins their lives, but to stop playing is very difficult, and for some even seems impossible.

The Sting

The plot of the film takes place in the 30s of the last century. Two friends conceived one grand scam. At the time, doing so seemed impossible, unheard of actions, the consequences of which can be anything. And all just to take revenge on the big mafia for the death of his best friend.


It is necessary to point out that a lot of online casinos drew their inspiration from this movie. Numerous gambling platforms including WooCasino saw the spike in customers, as soon as the latter watched this movie and it comes as no surprise, because the film is full of interesting details.

The Cooler

Bernie Lootz is a born loser. Moreover, he seems to attract various troubles, and can even infect the surrounding people with his unfortunateness. But it was this feature of his that helped him find a job. Now he is one of the secret employees of the casino in Las Vegas. His task is to scare away luck from especially lucky players. Bernie does this perfectly without even trying. But the acquaintance with the cute waitress Natalie completely turned Bernie’s life upside down. Now luck smiles at him, and he decides to leave the casino and start a new life.


In underground casinos, it was always possible to quickly win a large amount of money, if there was talent. Mike is lucky in this. His ability and luck helped him in the game. The guy even dreamed of winning an international poker tournament. However, not everything is as simple as it seems in this world. And at some point, Mike had to stop playing.


Now he lives the most ordinary, quiet and peaceful life. But the past will remind him of itself again when his friend is released from prison.


Gambling has always been something special. Not every person will be able to understand this, and even more so to achieve something in this area. A lot is important here: the ability to clearly understand the essence of the game, and calculate everything in advance. The five main characters were sure that this was all their element. That is why they decided on the incredible – to pull off a major scam and rob a Las Vegas casino.

Casino Royale

This time, James Bond has a difficult task – to fight the famous financial fraudster Le Chiffre. All spy skills are used, but this time everything is not as simple as it seems, because the whole mission will take place in the famous casino right behind the game.

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