11 Essential Ultimate Warrior Items Every Fan Should Have

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

At the height of the Ultimate Warrior’s popularity, the WWF couldn’t pump out collectibles and merchandise fast enough to meet the demand. As an eleven year-old, Warrior didn’t crack my top 3 favorite WWF Superstars, but when my father took me to a live event, I had my sights set on a pair of neon wristbands with his face on them. As far as merch went, the Warrior was atop the mountain.

The Ultimate Warrior’s passing is as sad as it is sudden. From the opulent neon to the signature bicep tassles and boot fringe- Warrior’s look was exclusive, and vintage Ultimate Warrior merchandise embodies everything that was great about the 80s. Here are 11 essential Ultimate Warrior items and collectibles that every fan should have:

Ultimate Warrior NITE LITE

ultimate warrior night light_opt_opt

Ultimate Warrior ring gear

ultimate warrior ring gear_opt

Ultimate Warrior soap

ultimate warrior soap_opt

Ultimate Warrior magazine covers

wwf magazine_opt

Ultimate Warrior Tonka® Wrestling Buddy

ultimate warrior wrestling buddy_opt_opt

Ultimate Warrior wristbands


Ultimate Warrior pencil sharpener

ultimate warrior pencil sharpener_opt

Ultimate Warrior action figure (one of many)

ultimate warrior action figure

Ultimate Warrior dollar

ultimate warrior dollar_opt

Ultimate Warrior iPhone case (not vintage, but a must for any hardcore fan)

ultimate warrior iphone case

Ultimate Warrior lunch bags

ultimate warrior goody bags_opt_opt

top image via Bam! It’s Bernie

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