Anna Kendrick and 10 Other People We Wish There Were Two Of

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Last week Anna Perez at Buzzfeed (understandably) lost her shit when she stumbled upon Anna Kendrick’s “secret twin”.

Like Buzzfeed and our friends at Pajiba, we’re also fully aboard the Anna Kendrick bandwagon (which lately seems to have more hop ons than Michael Bluth’s pre-Google Maps vehicle).

As awesome as Anna Kendrick is, two Anna Kendricks is almost irrefutably better (I’m open to counter-arguments, but they’d have to be good).

Here are 10 more people we wish there were two of:

Jake Johnson

In the last 20 months Jake Johnson has rapidly closed in on “Greatest Living Human” status. New Girl’s Nick Miller is the best character on television. Simply put, he IS us. If you’re reading this, there is some element of Nick Miller in you, whether you know/admit/recognize it or not.

Also, this:


Alison Brie

Alison Brie already pulls TV-double duty by starring in Community and Mad Men. Just imagine what two Allison Bries could do: four shows? Five shows?! Six shows and a movie??

Sure, one can be blonde.

[images: Wired, Esquire]


Michael B. Jordan

OK, so there’s already two Michael Jordans (actually, there’s a lot more than two, but stay with me here). We’d love it if there were more Michael B. Jordans, because who doesn’t love super-talented actors who make you genuinely care about every character they play?


Chris Hemsworth

Comic book geeks get measurably testy when news leaks that an actor who has already played or is currently playing a comic book superhero might play another one as well (see: Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans).

If there were two Chris Hemsworths, one would remain as Thor while the other could play Aquaman in the Justice League movie. After seeing him as an Avenger, you have to admit- he’d be a perfect King of Atlantis.

[image: IFC]


Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul got married recently. He met his bride-to-be at Coachella. They had a 1920s Parisian carnival-themed reception which featured mimes and stilt-walkers. Their wedding band? Foster the People. Bryan Cranston was there.

Just one more Aaron Paul in this world and it would be a markedly better place.


Lena Headey

Lena Headey currently plays the indomitable Queen Regent on Game of Thrones. She’s also been Queen Gorgo, Sarah Connor, Ma-Ma, and she stars in the upcoming horror-action film The Purge.

We love everything she’s in, so if there were two Lena Headeys wouldn’t there be more things to love? Science. Or wait, math.


Norman Reedus

The following personal admission will demonstrate just how comfortable I’ve grown with you all: I just recently discovered that Daryl Dixon is one of the brothers in Boondock Saints. Not because I hadn’t seen it- my wife would never have let that happen, it’s one of her favorite movies. I just didn’t recognize him. Pity me not, the shame I feel is formidable.


Kerry Washington

Every magazine cover she’s on is stunning and eye-catching. More Kerry Washington please.

[image: Details]


Marc Maron

One to do a podcast and one to star in a TV show. He’s already doing that? OK, two podcasts, two TV shows. Thanks Marc.

marc maron

[image: IFC]


Carrie Underwood

More Carrie Underwoods, more happy hockey players. I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to the idea, either.


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