Pop Culture Collectors – Get Out Your Toys and Enter this Photo Mashup Contest!

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Last week I shared an image on the UnderScoopFire Facebook page, and via subsequent shares and comments it has become the most viewed image that we’ve ever posted. In case you missed it:

seems legit

Think you can do better with YOUR TOYS? I KNOW you can.

Whether by sheer number of the different properties you represent in your photo, or via the inarguable coolness of the toys and accessories you use, I think YOU can create a photo mashup that is just as cool as the one above.


  • Snap a photo of an arrangement of your toys representing at least THREE different properties, but NO MORE than EIGHT
  • Each toy must be touching at least one other
  • A single property can only be represented ONCE (ie. if you use Lion-O, no Sword of Omens)
  • Toys can be vintage or current
  • Feel free to use as large a vehicle as you like, but make sure we can see all of the elements in the image (ie. if you use the USS Flagg, we probably won’t be able to see small details like the weapons in individual figures’ hands)
  • Feel free to insert words and use fonts to enhance the image (like above)
  • In the caption (or somewhere accompanying the image) list the properties represented

Post the picture on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #UnderScoopFirePhotoContest or email your image to howdeck@yahoo.com (don’t judge, my USF inbox is buggy and I have too many Gmail accounts to keep straight).

If you use Twitter or Facebook, tag @UnderScoopFire in your post so we are sure to see it.

The winner will receive a prize pack of collectibles and various rad merchandise.

Deadline is February 8. Looking forward to your submissions!

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