Top 10 Jobs in Demand on Freelance Platforms

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Many things that we thought were not possible 20 years ago are now possible thanks to developing technology. Once upon a time, it was almost impossible to find a Canadian casino site, and we had to use shady offshore sites to play games like roulette online. Likewise, if someone told us that one day we could make a satisfactory income by working from home, we would think they were joking, but now it’s possible. In fact, some specific jobs pay much more when done freelance compared to office jobs. So, what are these specific jobs? In other words, what jobs are more popular on freelance platforms? We have prepared a list of 10 items for you.

Video Creation and Editing

Video content is now featured on every website because people show interest in them. A study shows that visitors spend 2.6 times longer on sites with video content. Videos can be used to promote, market or create leads for a product, or even become a source of income in their own right. However, you cannot take a camera and start shooting – you have to either hire a professional or have a professional edit of the video you shot. This job can pay between 50 USD and 150 USD per hour, depending on the level of experience.

Video Marketing

You shot your video, but people need to be aware of it too – video marketing comes into play at this point. Those who do this job publish and promote your videos on social media platforms and sites your target audience uses. With professional help, it is even possible to make your videos viral. However, you should allocate a budget for both the video and the person promoting it. Publishing a 60-second video requires between $1,000 and $5,000 on popular platforms. The person promoting it can also request between 200 – 500 USD, depending on the scope of the content.

Programming and Software Development

No software is developed by one person. They are all the work of a team, and the size of the team can reach dozens of people, depending on the software. The good thing is that these people don’t have to work in the same place. Software development has been a remote business for a very long time, and if you’re good enough, you can even be hired for a specific project by companies like Microsoft and Apple. The payment for this job is variable and depends on the size of the project and the experience of the software developer. You can expect an hourly rate of 200-300 USD for simple projects and multiply these numbers by 10 for serious projects.

SEO Specialists

Even if you have the best website in the world, nobody will know about it if it is not displayed in search engine results. This is where an SEO expert comes in. With some techniques such as the use of keywords, they make your website more visible and noticed by people. A beginner SEO expert can charge between $50 and $150 per hour. For professionals, this price can go up to $1,000.

Content Marketing / Writing

Freelance writing is the most common job, and it pays quite satisfactorily when done right. Online websites always need content, but it is very difficult to find an expert on some topics. For example, there are not too many writers out there who are well versed in gambling or cryptocurrency. If you educate yourself in sectors where demand is high but writers with sufficient qualifications are low, you can earn between 50 USD and 100 USD for a text of 1,000 words. Most freelance writers set their hourly wage as $30, even if they are not experts in a particular subject.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a skill that will be useful in many different jobs, so the need for it never decreases. Almost every industry needs a graphic designer. If you are a creative person who cares about details, this could be your dream job. Beginner graphic artists earn an average of $25 per hour, but there is no upper limit for this figure. Depending on how good you are at your job and who you work with, you can even make thousands of dollars.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

You don’t need to meet face to face with your accountant to keep your financial records: small and medium-sized businesses can meet their accounting needs completely online. Remote bookkeepers can earn 70 USD per hour, depending on their experience level, and they do not need to work all day long. (However, if you are getting your business through an agency, this income can decrease to 30 USD per hour.) Having a basic level of accounting knowledge is enough for you to start this business.


Translators work like freelance writers and earn roughly the same income. But when they undertake a project in very exotic languages, they can charge four or five times their usual wages. How many people speaking Urdu do you know? The translation should be done as a freelance job, just like writing, because if you work with an agency, your income drops significantly.

Mobile App Development

Let’s say you have a great mobile app idea, but you lack the technical knowledge to create it. You can solve this problem by hiring a mobile app developer. You tell the idea in your mind, and he/she turns it into an application. The hourly wage of freelance app developers varies between 50-80 USD, but of course, this number can increase depending on the experience level and the size of the project.

Virtual Assistants

Do you constantly forget your appointments? Do you need an assistant to plan your life for you? You need to use an assistant, but thanks to technology, this assistant doesn’t have to be with you all the time: he or she can help you from a distance. While the beginner virtual assistants earn 15-20 USD per hour, for the experienced ones, this figure can increase to 30-40 USD.

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