Best Feline Meme Characters of All Time

by Staff & Contributors on March 15, 2021

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One of the best things about social media platforms is that they not only provide people with an opportunity to connect with one another, it also provides them with quality entertainment. In the beginning, the only entertainment offered by social media platforms was to share pictures and videos. According to current trends, people can do a lot more than that to entertain themselves using gifs, video clips and memes that users can make themselves too.


There are many websites that help users create customized memes using images or different video clips. Many of these movies and clips are part of shows and movies that are broadcasted on the TV and Internet. For instance, there are memes from the movie Hangover, The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones and so many other popular shows and movies that you might have watched. Apart from these characters, there are some of our four-legged friends who make a great meme because of their natural expressions, antics and some are made a little funny by experts using editing tools like Photoshop. Some of the widely followed meme characters are some felines. Let’s have a look at a few of these cute little feline meme characters:


Nyan Cat

This animated feline is also called Pop Tart Cat. She is an 8-bit animation that depicts a cat which has a cherry Pop-Tart body and can be seen flying through outer space. Many people including different YouTubers and other people who belong to the online art community create fan art and UI designs and create games using different platforms.

Year: 2011


Chemistry Cat

You must have seen the Chemistry Cat or the Science Cat who appears to be giving out some advice. The cat can be seen wearing a bow tie and a pair of spectacles and turns out to be a wise cat who is a master of chemistry or some cat who is very intellectual. The meme has some scientific puns that are usually based on the names of different chemicals that are present on the periodic table.

Year: 2011


Anxiety Cat

This is one of the funniest cat memes that is part of the image macro series. This looks more like the Socially Awkward Penguin and the popular Paranoid Parrot. The Anxiety Cat features a terrified black cat that reflects social distress and paranoia. One of the funny things about the meme is that the anxiety cat looks more like Salem from the famous show called Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Year: 2011


Inception Cat

This one of the feline meme characters that originated on YouTube. It is a video of a cat that slowly raises its head and gets out with the Inception soundtrack by Zack Hemsey called Mind Heist. The cat raises its head above the floorboard and gives out an intense peek at the camera and hides back again and has dramatic music playing in the background.

Year: 2010


Cat Buckaroo

Cat Buckaroo is known as the trend of stacking different objects on a cat’s body and take pictures of the arrangement. This is more like the game called Jenga and the goal of the game is to stack as many items on the cat with complete balance.

Year: 2003


Smudge the Cat

You can find this cat as Cat at Dinner Table. Apart from being a meme, Smudge the Cat also has its presence on Instagram as @smudge_lord. She is a white cat who became popular and got a considerable amount of attention from users when she appeared in a photograph sitting in front of a salad plate from a meme called the Woman Yelling at a Cat.



To Conclude

Memes have always added more fun to people’s lives and social media made many mainstream individuals and professions gain spotlight by using such memes. Memes have given birth to new trends and a new way for businesses to market their products. You can find many of these characters using platforms and meme generators like Know Your Meme, 9gag, Meme Generator, Imgflip and many other platforms if you’re looking to start a meme trend of your own!


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