For Better or Worse, Here are 22 Things From the 80s We Haven’t Tried to Reboot (Yet)

With children of the 80s reaching peak “consumer with disposable income” age, over the last decade the television and film industry have rebooted endless properties and franchises from our youth (correctly predicting what we’ll spend our money on). Even the cereal industry has gotten in on the act, bringing rebooted versions of Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy to market last year.

For every Nightmare on Elm Street, Dallas, and Dukes of Hazzard, however, there are plenty of 80s shows, movies and products that remain untouched, free to roam our memories without the taint of a newer, less awesome incarnation.

Here are 22 things from the 80s that we haven’t tried to reboot (yet):


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Ice Capades

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Eight is Enough




The Facts of Life

Although American Horror Story: Coven could be construed as a loose reboot. When Edna’s Edibles burns to the ground we’ll know that nasty Voodoo Queen was responsible.


S’Mores Crunch cereal


The Goonies




Silver Spoons


That’s Incredible!


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