The History of Online Casinos and Land Casinos in Canada

by Staff & Contributors on January 9, 2017

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Canada is a beautiful country– mountains, lakes, snow, countryside, coastline, and stunning cityscapes- you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. But there is another activity which is rather fun to do in Canada, and has lots of benefits, and that is gambling.

Whether you are into online gambling from the comfort of your home, or you prefer to go out and about and visit a bricks and mortar casino, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you are looking for a review portal of all the best online casinos in Canada, then there are lots to choose from and the benefit is that since they are all online, you don’t need to travel anywhere to start playing at them. But how did online gambling become such a big deal in Canada? Let us read on to find out more!

Prehistoric Gambling


The country of Canada was born quite recently, only in 1867 but in 1497, explorer John Cabot found that the natives were already playing chance type games in order to help their mental and spiritual growth. He did more research on the matter and found out that these types of games could trace their origins back to 6000BC. Obviously, the natives were not using dice and roulette wheels, rather they played with pebbles and sticks, but the concept and idea of gambling was already established.

Fast forward to 1892 and the recently introduced Canadian Criminal Code outright banned any form of gambling, much to the dismay of the locals. Luckily, this didn’t stick around too long and as time went on, so did the negative perception of gambling. Come 1900, raffles, lotteries and bingo were all legalised, as long as they were in a charitable vein. Within the next decade, betting on horses joined the list of accepted betting and by 1925 fairs were allows to hold gambling events.

Relaxing of the Rules


By the end of the 60s, the government realised how much revenue could be amassed through gambling, so they permitted federal and provincial lotteries to help fund various state projects such as the Montreal Olympics in 1974. Over the following years, the rules were further relaxed, and casinos began to spring up everywhere. Today, Canada is a prime destination for gamblers looking for a holiday, and a chance to gamble.

Of course, in today’s world where the internet is an intrinsic part of everything that we do, it is no surprise that online gambling and casinos have taken centre stage. Canada is home to hundreds of online casinos and offer players slots, poker, baccarat, roulette and all the other casino favourites. Most of these sites offer great incentives for players such as free spins, deposit matches, and bonuses to make sure that players enjoy the games to the max. These type of special offers also put online casinos above land casinos, as your traditional casinos tend not to offer these types of things.

The Future


It is clear that not only in Canada, but throughout the world, that online gambling is here to stay. Whilst land casinos are great for socialising, it is the convenience of online casinos that put them head and shoulders above the rest. Luckily for Canadians, or those visiting Canada, you can do both!

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