3 Slot Machines That Would Make Amazing 90s Kids’ Shows

by Staff & Contributors

Slot machines are known to reach out to virtually anything for inspiration. Among the many Vegas Palms casino slots one can find everything from ninjas to penguins, from animals to TV series, from dragons to titans – basically everything. Most of them are basically the same game with different graphics. There are a few of them, though, that stand out due to their hilarious characters, their wacky visuals, or their weird and disturbing topics. Some of them are funny, others are downright hilarious, and there are a select few – the ones that we’ll list below – that would have made great kid’s shows in the 1980s. Too bad the Vegas Palms was only launched in 2000…

Alaxe in Zombieland

I think all of you are familiar with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But what if the magic kingdom was overrun by the living dead? What if the wonderful fantasy realm was infested with zombie hordes seeking to consume its inhabitants’ brain? And what if the only one to save the day was Alaxe (probably Alice’s aggressive cousin), armed with nothing but a flamingo-shaped scythe?

Alaxe in Zombieland is one of the most disturbingly entertaining slot machines at the Vegas Palms. Its visuals are wacky, introducing its players to Alaxe, a blue-eyed, blonde little girl with nothing even remotely resembling a smile on her face, the Cheshire Cat (ready to bite out your throat), the Mad Hatter (with the top of his hat removed, eating eyeballs from his hat), and the White Rabbit (apparently either drugged or infested by some kind of a zombie virus). With such visuals, it would have made a great horror TV series in the 1980s.

Hot as Hades

Hades was the one of the three Olympian brothers to pull the short straw. Zeus rules our world, Poseidon rules the oceans, poor Hades in turn is forever banished to the Underworld. This doesn’t make him a bad guy, though – he makes the most of his eternity underground, juggling gems, jumping head-first in his swimming pool (filled with molten lava, of course), and playing with his three-headed puppy, Cerberus. All this until he sets out on a quest to recover the Crystal Helm. Hades has to sneak by Medusa, and outwith both his brothers to recover the stolen artefact.

With visuals similar to Disney’s Hercules, and endless potential for jokes, Hot as Hades would have made a great show in the 1980s.


Girls had their mystical pets to tend back in the 1980s but all the boys got were robots, racers, and soldiers. Wouldn’t it have been nice for them to have their own fantasy pets… dragons, perhaps? Or why not Dragonz, the four protagonists of the Vegas Palms’ recently released slot machines?

The four dragons – Flint, Switch, Frost, and Gobble – all have their own distinct colours and superpowers. This would’ve been enough for screenwriters of the 1980s to build a whole fantasy universe around them – just take a look at what the Transformers have become!

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