The Best Movies for Dancing Lovers

by Staff & Contributors on August 25, 2022

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Hip-hop lovers and ballerinas unite to win a contest. A waitress quits her job to perform extravaganza at a club. A schoolgirl becomes a musical star. These are the most fascinating dancing movies.


Burlesque, 2010

Ali is an ordinary provincial waitress, but dreams of acting on a big stage. When the owner of the cafe once more fails to pay her salary the girl quits her job. Ali decides to use the money saved to fulfill her dream. She buys a ticket to Los Angeles and leaves the small town, making her further journey as unexpected as a Hellspin Casino game.

She tries to find work in Los Angeles where her vocal skills come in handy. However, she fails everywhere. One night, Ali accidentally stumbles upon a club called “Burlesque.” There she becomes fascinated by the girls’ performances and decides to become a dancer. However, she is taken to the club only as a waitress. But while Ali delivers the orders, she also learns the dance numbers. Suddenly, one of the dancers gets pregnant and Ali is offered to take her place. And so begins her journey to success.


High Strung, 2016

Ruby is a young dancer who enrolled at a prestigious art school. Only after moving to New York City does she meet Tyler on the subway. He is a street musician who makes his living playing the violin. Suddenly there is a scuffle at the station, and the guy helps the girl defend herself from the bullies. However, the young men then notice that someone has stolen Tyler’s musical instrument.

Ruby suggests that the guy go to the police, but he refuses. He explains that he moved to the United States without a visa and used playing the violin to earn a green card. The girl, fascinated by her new acquaintance, decides to help him. She rents an instrument and persuades Tyler to participate in a musician and dancer contest together. Now the pair must win to win the money and help the boy stay in New York City.


Street Dance 3D, 2010

The fictional Jay 20 band is at the center of this dance movie. Their goal is to win the finals of a dance competition and win a trip to New York City. The guys successfully pass the qualifying round, rejoice in their success, when suddenly their leader Jay announces his departure from the team. He passes the leadership to his girlfriend Carly.

The new position brings Carly nothing but bad luck. She forgets to book a rehearsal room, and the team loses the practice area. Because of this, several members lose faith in winning and leave the group. But Carly finds a way out. She gets acquainted with a ballerina named Helen, who offers Jay 20 to rehearse in the hall of a ballet school where she teaches. There is one condition – Carly must take Helen to the team of students. Now it is up to the girl to unite the group and lead them to victory in the competition.


Take the Lead, 2006

Pierre Dulane is a professional dancer. One night he accidentally runs into a teenager who crashed someone’s car with a club. Running away, the boy leaves the parking ticket he took from the car on the pavement. This is how Pierre discovers that the car belongs to the principal of the local school for troubled teens.

When Pierre arrives at the school, he realizes that the principal is not at all interested in the children. The man feels sorry for the children, whom no one deals with. Then the hero decides to get a job as a dance teacher. The woman is skeptical of his idea, but still gives the hero a group of teenagers who regularly leave him after classes. Pierre has to win the trust of his students and get them to believe in themselves and their abilities through dancing.


Step Up, 2006

Street dancer Tyler and his friends accidentally break a window at an art school. Out of curiosity the boys encourage the main character to break into the building. There, they find a performance hall and damage and smash the decorations. A security guard arrives at the noise. Tyler’s friends manage to escape, but the dancer is caught unawares and soon finds himself in court. He is sentenced to community service. Now after class the boy has to come to school and clean up.

While cleaning windows, the guy notices Nora, a student at the school. She is looking for a partner for the final dance of the year. However, none of the candidates are suitable for this role – the guys can’t even hold the girl in their arms. Watching what is happening, Tyler offers his help, and the girl agrees. Over time, the characters in the film begin to bond in more ways than just dancing.

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