The 10 Best Jimmy Kimmel Tweets from Julie Bowen’s Account

This week Julie Bowen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


The two made a bet: whoever won a foot race around the studio would take over the other’s Twitter account. Julie Bowen lost, and the world won. Kimmel took full advantage of piloting Bowen’s social media account.

We happen to know firsthand that the real Julie Bowen is as cordial and engaging on Twitter as you’d expect. She graciously acknowledged her UnderScoopFire Wife Pretty Hall of Fame induction with hilarious self-deprecation last year:


You can read the whole “Kimmel tweeting as Julie Bowen” timeline here, but here are the highlights:


Can’t stop at 10. Here are a few more:


One of the “real” Julie Bowen’s tweets as soon as she returned:

Kimmel asked Bowen if this could be a “weekly thing” to which Bowen quickly replied “no.”




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