Superpowered Sex: Which Avenger Brings their Best to the Bedroom?

by Staff & Contributors on April 17, 2019

in Marvel

Avengers: Endgame is almost here, and we’ve never felt so much hype! With all the weird stuff that’s happened in the Marvel universe over the years, there’s really no end to the amount of theorizing fans can do about the film’s plot. Who’s going to die, what will happen to the infinity stones, and how Thanos will be defeated, are all things that we’re dying to know. While it can certainly be fun to come up with our own ideas of what will happen, today we’re doing a different kind of theorizing about a topic you’ve always wondered about but don’t see addressed on the big screen: superpowered sex.

Apparently, every time a new comic book blockbuster comes out PornHub searches for those characters increase dramatically. This was definitely true last year when Avengers: Infinity War was released and searches for the word “avengers” increased by 356%! The folks at hims took a look at some of the most commonly searched Avengers on PornHub and figured out what would make them good (or bad, depending on what you’re into) in bed.

It may not be surprising to learn Black Widow was the most searched character among men, most likely due to her being played by the incredibly attractive Scarlett Johansson. Most women were clearly on Team Cap, with Chris Evans’ Captain America being their most searched character.

Let us know who your top choice would be! Would you be looking to start your own “unspoken thing” with Gamora, or would you rather just hit up the Hulk for a different kind of “smashing”? Hopefully your choice will still be standing once Avengers: Endgame is over!

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