21 Lazy (and Fake) Spinoff Concepts that are No Worse than ‘How I Met Your Father’

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

In case you went to bed at a reasonable hour last night (understandable, today is a big day!), CBS announced plans for a How I Met Your Mother spinoff, tentatively titled How I Met Your Father.

Apparently the current generation of network television executives are too young to remember That 80s Show, and literally ONE MILLION other failed stupid spinoff ideas that attempted to generate a new show without a new concept.

Here are 21 lazy spinoff concepts that are no worse than How I Met Your Father:

Fox’s New Girl takes a modern look at friendship and romance, following a group of roommates and their somewhat interconnected romantic exploits. New Boy does the same thing, except with one guy and three girls.

Mindy Lahiri wins a rental property in a low income neighborhood in a high stakes poker game and moonlights as the landlord. We will call it Mindy’s Projects.

Fueled by their passion for fame, while struggling to cope with the pressures of success, ABC’s Nashville is a musical thrill ride. Now stay tuned for Knoxville – a tale of geographic isolation and Appalachian glamour.

This fall, someone from NBC’s The Blacklist stars in The Slacks List – a psychological thriller about a man who needs to acquire every pair of pants on a mysterious list.. or else.

Sometimes there just ain’t enough hours in the day.. Jack Bauer returns for 25.

Leslie Knope and crew transfer from Parks and Recreation to Boards & Commissions. Hilarity ensues.

Agents of F.I.E.L.D. – A clandestine government agency led by Dan Fielding, specializing in unnecessary acronyms, and womanizing.

Canadian Horror Story, Canadian Dad, Greatest Canadian Hero. You get it.

If you cant get enough of Dance Moms stay tuned for Tap Dads starring Tony Danza.

CBS cashes in on Robin Williams’ successful return to broadcast television with Pam Dawber’s The Sane Ones.

Los Angeles’ NHL team owner dies, his widow takes over the team. I give you The Queen of Kings.

The Dunphys and Pritchetts face off five times a week, every week, in Modern Family Feud.

Nothing of Interest? No, I’m not asking if you’re entertained by this list, that’s a Person of Interest spinoff.

Former drug lord finds solace as a chemistry teacher in Breaking Good. (too easy)

Fox Mulder is back (just for the pilot of) The Y-Files!

CBS stresses adherence to the Scientific Method (and hilarity!) with The Big Bang Hypothesis.

F*ck Dynasty– New on Showtime. Chronicles Porn Stars daily life. (I’d SOOOO watch that)

Secondary. It’s the spin off of Elementary but takes place in Canada. (shots fired!)

The Limping Dead. A Herschel spinoff.

Ryan Reynolds returns to ABC this fall with: Two Pizza Places, a Girl and as Many Guys as You’re Comfortable With


We should stop.


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