9 Sitcom Reunions We Want to See

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 27, 2014

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Cougar Town has played host to a number of Friends semi-reunions. The Big Bang Theory has featured a Roseanne reunion, and The Goldbergs didn’t waste any time setting up Reno 911! reunions, casting Cedric Yarbrough as Murray’s furniture store co-worker and Thomas Lennon in a one-off role.

Reunions are nothing new when it comes to attracting new viewers to current sitcoms, and it’s a trend we shouldn’t expect to see dissolve any time soon.

A quick glance at the current network sitcom landscape reveals quite a few other shows (dramas and comedies) that could be candidates for the vintage sitcom reunion treatment. All a show needs is a minimum of one cast member who previously starred on another show, and you’re as much as halfway to a reunion. So what other reunions do we want to see?

Desired Reunion: Cheers

In a Perfect World: CSI‘s D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) has a one-time cross-jurisdictional team up with a Boston-based forensic scientist with a dark secret, who just happens to be his old college roommate, played by Woody Harrelson.

What’s More Likely to Happen: John Ratzenberger shows up as a package delivery guy on Kirstie.


Desired Reunion: Ed

In a Perfect World: Tom Cavanagh is cast as the last serious boyfriend Modern Family’s Claire Dunphy had before she met Phil. Nostalgia ensues.

What’s More Likely to Happen: Josh Randall guest stars on The Flash as one of Harrison’s former interns.

P.S. – what happened to Josh Randall? I had that guy pegged for decades of future television success.


Desired Reunion: Saved By The Bell

In a Perfect World: (Insert SBTB alum here) appears as a former law school nemesis of Peter Bash. Your choice, TNT. I’d be happy with Theissen, Berkley, Lopez, even Haskins (maybe in his case, it was a nemesis professor).

What’s More Likely to Happen: Dustin Diamond is spotted in the crowd at an Extra taping (hosted by Mario Lopez & Maria Menounos).


Desired Reunion: Freaks and Geeks

In a Perfect World: In a perfect world those of you who started squirming because you disagree with the classification of shows like Freaks and Geeks and The Wonder Years as sitcoms (I see you), can keep an open mind when it comes to the broad definition of a situational comedy. Like The Wonder Years, there were comedic situations in every episode of Freaks and Geeks, so it makes the cut. On to the dream reunion:

The bulk of the F&G cast makes cameos on How I Met Your Mother, each of them expressing varying levels of disbelief at how “together” Marshall’s life seems to be. When James Franco and Busy Phillips’ characters (presumably a wacky but lovable law-breaking couple) find out he is set to become a judge, they waste no time in asking for a few “favors”.

What’s More Likely to Happen: Martin Starr and/or Samm Levine appear on Bones and have a scene or two with Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley), which would be equally as awesome as the HIMYM thing.


Desired Reunion: That 70s Show

In a Perfect World: Mila Kunis appears as an inmate on Orange is the New Black, preferably Alex Vause’s (Laura Prepon) new cellmate (for one episode). Bonus points if they ugly her up enough that a common reaction to the end credits is “Whoa- THAT WAS MILA KUNIS?!”

What’s More Likely to Happen: Topher Grace guest stars on TBS’ Men at Work with Danny Masterson. Even more likely: Debra Jo Rupp lends guest voice talent to an episode of Handy Manny.


Desired Reunion: Spin City

In a Perfect World: The Michael J. Fox Show didn’t live up to the hype, but I’d probably check out an episode that featured a guest spot from any other Keaton family member. I’d DVR a Skippy Handleman appearance. What’s more likely to happen is a Spin City reunion, and my vote would be for a Connie Britton guest spot, because Connie Britton is the best, y’all.

What’s More Likely to Happen: The Skippy Handleman appearance. DVR alert!


Desired Reunion: The Wonder Years

In a Perfect World: Law & Order: Criminal Intent is resurrected as a special NBC made-for-TV movie event, and Bobby Goren learns that his longtime nemesis Nicole Wallace (Olivia d’Abo) had faked her death and has returned to ruin what’s left of his life. In accordance with her typical M.O., she partners with (ie. seduces and scams) a female criminal apprentice, this time a super-genius hacker (Danica McKellar) to return the favor to those who took her down years ago.

What’s More Likely to Happen: Oh, like the above scenario’s not likely to happen. It practically writes itself! Although no one’s really pining for a Karen Arnold/Winnie Cooper reunion.


Desired Reunion: In Living Color

In a Perfect World: New Girl (a fellow FOX property) continues its tradition of their Thanksgiving event episode, and this time the entire gang travels to visit Coach’s family. Damon Wayans would play Coach’s father, with various other ILC alum playing uncles, cousins and siblings.

What’s More Likely to Happen: Based on Damon Sr.’s relationship with the rest of the crew, anything but this.


Desired Reunion: Night Court

In a Perfect World: Someone, anyone from the cast of Night Court would be starring in a current show.

What’s More Likely to Happen: No one from the cast of Night Court will be starring in a current show any time soon. (Word is, Harry Anderson’s got that “F*** you money“.)

bmorin54 January 28, 2014 at 5:27 pm

An ILC reunion on New Girl* would be epic, though I’d be good with just Damon Sr appearing.

*Thanks for introducing it to me via your frequently talking about it by the way. It quickly became an all-time favorite.

Clarence February 4, 2014 at 7:16 pm

Solid list, but tis a shame for Damon and ILC.

Though 8 seasons and a 30 Rock wedding is enough Night Court for me.

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