Show Me The Money! The 4 Best Finance Movies to Help With Your Wallet

Do you love money?

If you pumped your fist along with Jerry Macguire when he shouted “Show me the money!”, we’re talking to you!

Money is a hot topic in our society. Everybody wants it, nobody has enough of it, and we’re all trying to find an easy way to make more of it. Which is why it makes a great basis for movie plots! 

We’re here to show you the money with our picks for the 4 best finance movies of all time.

1. Boiler Room

Whether you’re searching for direct payday lenders online or banking on Wall Street, you can understand the draw of a good “rags to riches” story. This one, however, comes with a twist of revenge!

In the film Boiler Room, a college dropout tries to better his situation by joining a super aggressive brokerage firm. He learns along the way that the tactics they use are actually illegal. And he pays for it with a visit from the FBI. 

Check out this film if you want to see the seedy side of stock brokerage firms from the 1990s. And the lengths that people will go to to make some green.

2. Wall Street

You can’t have a finance movie list without mentioning Gordon Gekko’s name. Wall Street (we’re talking about the 1987 version here) is another gem about the dark side of getting rich in finance.

Bud Fox idolizes Gordon Gekko, an epic legend on Wall Street. And after plenty of prodding, Gekko gives Bud a chance to prove himself. But Bud learns quickly where Gekko’s loyalties really lie. 

Wall Street is a classic 1980s financial thriller. And it got a good reception too. Michael Douglas won an Oscar for his acting performance. 

3. The Big Short

If you’re curious about what caused the financial crisis of 2008The Big Short is the right movie for you. It’s based on a book of the same name by Michael Lewis. And it does a superb job of breaking down some seriously difficult financial concepts. 

The film focuses on the housing crisis from four different storylines. All are loosely connected. And each has a different experience after the financial crash. 

Like Wall Street, this movie got great reviews with multiple Oscar nominations for acting and writing. Plus, the cast of characters is second-to-none. Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt all grace the screen in this financial tale.

4. The Money Pit

So far, we’ve focused our list on Wall Street. But why not throw a few of us common folk into the mix?

The Money Pit is a 1986 comedy about a couple whose lives fall completely apart after buying an old home. Anyone who’s ever done a large-scale remodeling project understands how crazy it can make you. And the two main characters in this movie are no exception.

Best of all, this movie is vintage Tom Hanks with Shelley Long playing his partner in what turns out to be a hell of a situation. Watch this movie if you love comedic, 1980s Tom Hanks. And you may learn a thing or two about what not to do when you’re remodeling an old home.

Finance Movies You’ll Love!

That’s it, folks! These are our top 4 finance movies that you’ll love to watch on your next movie night. Each teaches an important lesson about money and what it does to people. 

If you loved this list, chances are, you love the 1980s too! Check out more lists by visiting the 80s tab on our site.

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