This Sci-Fi Time Travel Movie Predicted the Selfie Stick Back in 1969

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on March 26, 2019

in Movies, Nerd Culture

The 1969 Czech sci-fi comedy Zabil jsem Einsteina, Panove (which translates to I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen) featured two characters using a futuristic telescoping stick to take a picture of themselves. More importantly, this means the mechanical pencil may not be the most culturally significant thing to come out of Czechoslovakia (yes, the super-clickable writing utensil with the mega-breakable tip was supposedly invented there in 1946).

That’s right, the Czechs gave us the selfie stick a half-century before it began appearing everywhere. If selfie sticks really looked like this I may actually be inclined to carry one, not to take selfies but to pretend I have Bob Barker’s impossibly skinny The Price is Right microphone- check this thing out:

The plot summary from IMDB makes me think I might actually enjoy this film, but that’s because I dig bearded ladies and apocalypse comedies:

This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the ability to have children. A summit meeting is held at the United Nations, with the proposed solution of building a time machine. The decision is made to travel back in time and murder Einstein, with the hopeful result being that without the noted mathematician’s research there will be no atomic bombs.

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