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by Staff & Contributors on January 9, 2018

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Discover the true life story of Molly Bloom, also known as the ‘’Poker Princess’’ in the forthcoming movie, Molly’s Game. Actress Jessica Chastain stepped into the shoes of Molly Bloom, who is a young and beautiful Olympic-class skier. For a decade, she ran high stakes poker games for the elites, until one day she was arrested by the FBI. Among her players, there were Hollywood royalty, sports stars, famous business titans and the Russian mob, which led to her nightmare.

The movie Molly’s Game stars Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner. According to the story, Molly Bloom lived a life of wealth and power while she ran the world’s most exclusive poker games for the elites. She was also a member of the US ski team and ranked 3rd in North America in 1998. When she started running the poker games, she began counting hundreds of millions of dollars by hand every day. Want to try your luck? You can also play poker online at Bingo Extra, one of UK’s best online casinos. Some of the games are: Joker Poker, Jackpot Joker and Casino Hold’em.

However, despite a life of wealth and power, there was also a dark side to the story, when she was beaten by the Russian mafia and started using drugs. All her assets were later on seized by the FBI. She was arrested in New York and charged with hosting illegal games and profiting from them. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison and after a plea deal, was sentenced to probation and fined. However, her defense lawyer Charlie Jaffey felt there was much more to Molly’s story than what the newspapers led us to believe.

Molly Bloom decided to write a book based on her experiences and approached the writer Aaron Sorkin to adapt it into a movie. She watched the movie at the Toronto Film Festival for the first time and said it was very emotional. Instead of watching the film with her family in an empty theatre, she decided to watch it in Toronto sitting in a crowd of 2000 people. It was a cathartic experience according to her, since she could see the people crying or laughing along with her character as they watched the movie.

Writing the book and making the movie were certainly not easy for her, however she said it helped her to portray the real story on the big screen. Through this movie, she got the chance to explore her own soul to see where she had gone wrong and how her definitions of success were not right. According to her, she felt an emptiness despite all the power and wealth she possessed. So, now she wants to give her life a purpose by working with female entrepreneurs to create networking events and co-working spaces.

In the movie Molly’s Game, Sorkin tried to portray the best moments of her life to weave an amazing story. Molly said it was surprising to see Jessica Chastain play her character so brilliantly, despite the short time during which she had to prepare for it. The actress was able to portray the intricacies of her character and how she felt during those moments.

Directed by Aaron Sorkin, the movie is expected to be released in the US on the 25th of December 2017 and on the 1st of January 2018 in the UK. This is a movie which we can really look forward to.

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