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by Staff & Contributors on February 19, 2018

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Face it, you’ve always thought about getting a tattoo but never found the courage to go for it or you simply didn’t know what design to choose so you eventually backed out. Well, considering the rise of all the Marvel and DC comics related materials, getting a superhero or a superhero logo tattooed on your skin is quite a trendy thing nowadays. And no matter if you’re a geek or a very cool guy, superhero logos are simply awesome, there’s no denying that. Alright, but even if you choose to go with a superhero logo as a tattoo, there still are hundreds and hundreds of options. Which ones are the best superhero logos you can mark yourself with? You’ll get the answer in the following rows.

#1 in Superhero Logos: Deadpool

By far, the most ‘in the moment’ superhero that doesn’t like to be called a superhero is Deadpool. The super and sometimes anti-hero managed to captivate the audience with a highly tuned sense of humor and his crazy approach to everything. He’s so good that even those that are not usually fans of comics or movies inspired by comic books were simply stunned by the movie. That’s why a lot of teenagers and not only rushed to the tattoo shops to get a Deadpool logo tattooed on different parts of their bodies.

#2 in Superhero Logos: Batman

Even though there weren’t any recent blockbusters dedicated to the dark prince of Gotham, Batman is still a very popular figure among superheroes thanks to the fact that he’s not actually a superhero with special powers but a man like any of his fans. The fact that the superhero logo is instantly assimilated as justice and righteousness makes it a very cool tattoo idea for those that consider themselves honest people or even vigilantes, in a way. Since it’s a superhero logo with a lot of tradition and history, there are a lot of different versions you can choose from. If you want something more specific, you can ask your tattoo artist to link it with something personal from your life and create a real masterpiece.

#3 in Superhero Logos: Superman

The man of steel, Superman, the man of the day, call him whatever you want to call him, there’s no way you’re going to get the all-time popularity badge off this guy. Perhaps one of the first superheroes to combine special powers, bringing justice to those in need, and awesome looks, Superman is an icon for a lot of generations, no matter the interpretation. Superhero logos with the Superman symbol are very popular and you will be able to find at least one template in any tattoo shop you step in. It’s also a very catchy symbol that can be customized in a lot of different designs, integrated in one’s name or made look 3D, used as a logo for free gambling games and all the new stuff in tattooing that is happening right now.

These are the superhero logos that are very popular and good choice for a tattoo, however, there are a lot of other superheroes that might be a better choice, depending on each individual. For example, you might want to stay out of all this mainstream movement and get a tattoo with another superhero logo like Aquaman, it’s entirely your choice. Just remember that going with a superhero logo is still quite a cool idea for a tattoo.

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