Podcast #63 – What’s The Scoop 2! (90s Trivia feat. Will West, Shawn Robare, Jason Gross)

by Corey Chapman @chapmanrunner

Once again, it’s time to play WHAT’S.. THE.. SCOOP!!


Dick Decker returns with harder questions and stiffer rules!

Last time, the subject was 80s TV Trivia, and Will West came away victorious.

the champ is here!

Will is back to defend his title against two newcomers:

Shawn Robare – curator of Branded In The 80s & co-host of the Cult Film Club podcast


Jason Gross – the guy who entices all the ladies to Rediscover the 80s and the biggest M.A.S.K. fan you know


Contestant interaction during the game somehow led to subjects like:

  • fecophilia
  • Steak-umms
  • the definition of “smurf wreck”
  • whale sperm (not sperm whales)
  • novels

Three ways to play:

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Listen right here:

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Thank you to inthe90s.com and weirdconverter.com for the show questions!



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