Don’t Look Back in Anger: The 11 Biggest Nerd Rage Moments of 2015

by Jay Malone and Corey Foster on December 31, 2015

in Nerd Culture

This past year seemed to be one long stream of nerd consciousness, as the news cycle continued to shorten, information flowed faster than ever, and our collective expectations were as high as they’ve ever been. With more news comes more anger- here are the 11 biggest nerd rage moments of 2015:

Silver Screen Screw Ups

When the first trailers for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four hit, the rage was palpable – and it only got worse from there. Reviews were abysmal, and it served to kill the franchise for Fox. On the other side of the coin, folks lost their collective minds about two parts of the DC Cinematic universe – first, the continued hatred towards Ben Affleck as Batman, and secondly the near universal insanity that followed after Jared Leto’s Joker image debuted.


Television Turmoil

There were two major breakups this year in television which, for some reason, caused headlines for people. First, when ABC’s The Muppets debuted, we learned that the horrifically abusive relationship between Kermit and Miss Piggie had ended, which people decried as ruining their picture of what a solid relationship should look like.

Secondly, when it was rumored that Homer and Marge would split in the first episode of this season of The Simpsons, no one knew how to handle it. Finally, while The Doctor continued to be a staple of television science fiction, people didn’t know how to handle Peter Capaldi’s take on the character getting Sonic Sunglasses, a departure from his traditional screwdriver.


Comics Conundrum

Comics, for the most part, did what they always do – caused intense distress amongst fans and collectors. Whether it was Marvel’s Secret Wars getting delayed continuously (seriously, issue 8 out soon, we promise!), to DC putting half page ads in the middle of a story (SERIOUSLY?!?), the industry as a whole was met with more of the same. And don’t even get me started on Marvel’s love of relaunching a book at a new issue #1 only six months after the previous #1 in the series debuted.


Max Landis being Max Landis

Max is a polarizing figure, to say the least. For every issue of the brilliant Superman: American Alien, there’s his insane Twitter rants following perceived injustices. Take for example his meltdown regarding the failure of his film American Ultra (which, incidentally, I loved) – Max seemed to consciously ignore the current marketplace in Hollywood.

For every Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, there’s the insanity that is his unwavering, steadfast stance that Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a Mary Sue – which, even if you agree with him, the way he presents his case is both vitriolic and, frankly, done for shock value. I frequently enjoy Landis’ work…but his Twitter feed leaves a lot to be desired.

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