Five Online Games to Destroy Your Productivity

by Staff & Contributors on January 11, 2016

in Gaming

What do you do at a lunch break? Grab a snack and stick to some primitive flash game? Or maybe find something jet set cool at Baccarat casino guide? We all love spending those precious minutes for playing to give our brain a pause. But there are people who prefer real action. Here is the list of the most highly-addictive browser games:


Marvel Heroes 2015

This game caused a real fuss in 2015. Millions of fans all over the world counted days and hours to the release, and here it is, a fabulous simulator that can easily turn you into a superhero. Do you want to save the universe? Pick your character, get a super suit and start acting. The game is the most recent update to the famous Marvel Universe. It gives you a chance to defeat evil Doctor Doom who is (obviously) trying to take over the world (again). All of the locations are well known to us from our favorite Marvel comics and movies. All you need do is concentrate and start fighting.



Those who played classic Limbo know what to do here. This is a little flash-based game where you do your best to find your lost little sister. Your character wakes up in the morning and finds her bed empty, she is neither in the house nor outside. They say that pro gamers need twenty minutes to complete this mission. However, the game is not as easy as it seems. Some puzzles and quests are quite complicated, so even brainiacs have to spend hours to solve them. Use all of the hints you get to find the girl. A nice game with cool graphics and player-friendly interface.



The character was in a cryogenic sleep too long. Evil Grineer are trying to take over the Universe. Only you can save the world. Jump into your Warframe battle suit and pick the most powerful weapon to win this war, but be careful- you’ll have to try hard to avoid falling prisoner. Evil forces will not let you take a single step. You have ten minutes to gather your own army and fight them back. This is one of the best games for those who love alien adventures, spaceship battles and space wars. Dozens of exciting missions and combats will take all of your free time.


Robot Unicorn Attack Revolution

This game is a real hit for trash lovers. If you think you’ve played extremely long running games, wait until you play Robot Unicorn Attack Revolution. Play as a robotic unicorn getting across the dream world- racing, jumping and rainbow dashing will make your adventures twice more exciting. Keep running up to the moment you get tired, take a pause and go on.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

On the wave of insane popularity of Star Wars The Force Awakens, the fans keep looking for new addictions. This is why they choose this game to bring their favorite story to life. Choose the path of light or darkness and fight with the Republic or Sith Empire. You will have to customize your character to create a formidable team with your friends.

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