Top Movies about the Good and Bad of Winning the Lottery

by Staff & Contributors on April 24, 2015

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Are you a movie buff and a lottery fan at the same time? Do you buy lottery tickets every week and dream of what you would do if you hit the jackpot? You are not the only one! So do millions of other people, and everyone’s imagination goes beyond limits when jackpots go over the half million dollars, as it happened a few times already with US Mega Millions and Powerball. Well, those dreams represented a source of inspiration for a number of Hollywood producers: 

If I Had a Million

Let’s start with a classic. Released in 1932, If I Had a Million is a film by Ernst Lubitsch. As he does not want to leave his entire fortune to his descendants, a rich billionaire, John Glidden, decided to select people randomly from the city directory and give $ 1 million to each of them. This scenario involves atypical situations, allowing the director to organize his film in small sketches. Glidden is the connecting element featuring all these little stories and meeting characters that will change his life forever. So, if you’re a Capricorn you may want to try your luck at the lottery – no pun intended! Just follow the instructions of trusted lottery review dedicated to lottery site.


It Could Happen to You 

The heroes of this adventure go through typical lottery winning situations. What if I win the jackpot? Should I share it and keep my promise or just keep everything for myself? That’s the big question tormenting Nicolas Cage, alias Charlie Lang – an ordinary policemen whose hits the jackpot. The morning before his big win, he was having his coffee in dinner and had no money to tip the waitress, Muriel (Bridget Fonda). Noticing in his wallet the lotto ticket he had purchased for a draw that was to take place the same evening, he promises to come back and share the jackpot with her he wins. The same evening, and against all odds, he learns that he is the lucky one to cash in the $ 4 million jackpot. Will he come back to the waitress or not? Would you? When you play the lottery, you never know… it could be you next time.


Finder’s Fee

This is the quintessential “winning the lottery” movie that describes all the emotions and torments those who are lucky enough to experience something like this go through. The story: 4 friends meet regularly to play poker. They are accustomed to bet on a lottery ticket trying to guess whether it is a winner or not. Only that day, one of the heroes found someone’s wallet in the street. Finding the coordinates inside, he called the owner to come and pick his property up only to realize that the wallet contains a winning lottery ticket that could make him $ 6 million richer. The film is a series of misunderstandings and innuendo until a surprising ending.


Lottery ticket

Imagine, it’s July 14th and you realize that you have just won $37 million. But all offices are closed. What do you do? This is the big question tormenting our hero, Kevin Carson. A young man living in an American suburb, he does not believe too much in the lottery, but after finding a winning combination in a fortune cookie, he decided to try his luck. The wait turns into a weekend full of adventures.

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