Monday Mystery: The Oakville Blobs

Oakville, Washington is a rainy town.


That’s why none of the town’s 665 inhabitants were surprised to wake up on August 7, 1994 to find it had rained during the night. The rain began around 3am that morning, and on-duty Officer David Lacey of the Oakville Police Dept. was one of the only people awake at the time.

When he turned on his windshield wipers, he noticed that the rain was actually clear blobs, and they were smearing, obscuring his view. He pulled over to investigate.

What he discovered was a Jell-O-like substance.

The clear gelatinous blobs had fallen all over town, in lieu of rain.

That afternoon, a large portion of the town’s population fell ill, with extreme flu-like symptoms. Some of these symptoms lasted from 7 weeks to 3 months. Several dogs and cats died from coming in contact with the blobs.

A sample of the gelatinous substance was taken to the Washington State Department of Health for testing. Researchers found human white blood cells and digestive bacteria in the sample. Private researchers later found that cells in the samples indicate the blobs were once alive.

The story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 1997:


The same blobs rained down five more times over a 3 week time frame, disproving the theory of an airliner illegally emptying its waste, or the especially far-fetched explanation dealing with a naval bombing run resulting in jellyfish blasted into the atmosphere, landing 50 miles inland.

What do you think of this mystery? Government testing of biological warfare? An experiment? Alien activity? Certainly convenient that the “rain” began at 3am, with everyone asleep- and that it has only occurred in a town of 665 people.

Hit the comments with your thoughts or similar mysterious cases you’ve heard of!



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