Michael Ian Black tweets for Dos Equis, replies to everyone who blasts him for it

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on May 11, 2013

in Nerd Culture

One thing I’ve noticed since I began blogging and podcasting: people will go out of their way to tell you they don’t care about you and your opinions.

That’s what makes Michael Ian Black’s response to one of the first (of many) who jumped on him for tweeting a Dos Equis-sponsored message so great.

He also addresses everyone who blasts him for his 9/11 jokes, being a “sellout” and someone who calls him a “shitty comedian”. This is what I love about Twitter. While negative people try their best to ruin the experience for everyone, people like Black make it worthwhile.

Not one of the people who call him a sellout would turn down a company offering them money to tweet a message. This is exactly the point Chrissy Tiegen makes when she jumps into the fray, and I’m pretty sure when a famous swimsuit model jumps into a Twitter conversation to defend you, you win social media.

Click the ‘details‘ link on the original tweet below to follow the whole thread, and stay classy Michael Ian Black (not being sarcastic there, we really do like him- listen to our podcast for evidence).

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