13 Titles for the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel that are No Worse than the 8 Real Frontrunners

Yesterday, Movies.com detailed two dozen domain names that have been registered by Warner Bros. that seem to tip their hand as far as the titles they are considering for the Man of Steel sequel. After some deeper research, it appears these are the 8 finalists (from Fusible via Movies.com):

Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
Man of Steel: Black of Knight
Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
Man of Steel: Knight Falls
Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

We’re here to do the same thing we did when CBS announced a How I Met Your Mother spinoff titled How I Met Your Father, which is “use pop culture news as an excuse to make a silly and ridiculous list” (mental note: include that in unwritten website Mission Statement).

Here are 13 titles for the Man of Steel sequel that would be no worse than the 8 above:

Man of Steel: Full Throttle

Man of Steel: Always Bat on Black

Man of Steel: Dark Friday

Man of Steel: Cruise Control

Man of Steel: Black Dark Night Scary Shadow

Man of Steel: Batman Takes Metropolis

Man of Steel: Men in Tights

Man of Steel: The Musical

Man of Blades of Steel

Man of Still Know What Batman Did Last Summer

Man of Steel Magnolias

Man of Steel: Bases Loaded

Man of Steel: Who Farted?

OK, maybe these are all worse but the 8 frontrunners are not great, right? What do you think? Is there one you could live with out of those 8?

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