LEGO Sherlock Gains Full Approval but Probably Won’t Get Made

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Remember those fantastic LEGO Muppets prototypes we gushed over a few months ago? Kermit and friends are still in the Idea Stage, stuck at 4,400+ supporters. One proposed LEGO set that is not in the idea phase is LEGO Sherlock. That’s because it’s in the Review Stage!


This means two things: 1.) we can truthfully report that in January LEGO will consider producing sets based on the hit BBC show (they promise that they’ll review any project that achieves full support on CUUSOO) so HOLY CRAP BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH MINIFIGURE, and 2.) it’s not gonna happen.

Sherlock is far too mature subject matter to base children’s playthings on. Listen- me, you, and especially LEGO themselves realize that LEGO is far from just a children’s building set, but there are some properties, potentially awesome as LEGOs as they may be, that don’t fit their typical M.O.

Hasbro’s Kre-O collection offers a Doctor Who line, so there are probably BBC rights issues too, but who knows. Topless Robot brings up another great point about why the proposed Sherlock set probably won’t get made as well.

For now, we can enjoy these gorgeous LEGO Sherlock images (courtesy of CUUSOO user Flailx’s campaign) produced by Glenbricker’s Review, and look forward to the just-announced LEGO “Brickumentary” in early 2014.


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