IPO: expanding the boundaries of the online bookmaker Parimatch business

Not long ago, columnist-reporter Dominic Walsh (The Times) released a sensational article about the Ukrainian company Parimatch. According to the information from this article, the company’s cost price currently exceeds tens of millions of dollars, and this is the real flagship of modern digital gambling. The most accurate estimate of Parimatch bookmaker 2021 can be calculated no earlier than a year later if the company issues its own securities.

The stage of transition to digital space

The company has existed since 1994 and since then has shown its professionalism in the world of sports betting. Portnov came to Parimatch as a marketing director in 2011 and almost immediately started digitalizing the process. Just ten years ago, the operator worked mostly offline and had more than 700 ground offices in the post-Soviet space. Since then, a lot has changed, here are just a few of the achievements of the companies:

  • full transition to digital format;
  • providing your own software (including a betting application);
  • having your own affiliate program;
  • financing of major sporting events.

Due to its successful marketing policy, Parimatch has grown in the Ukrainian market faster than its competitors and today is estimated at approximately $ 1 billion. Now the company operates 100% via the Internet and has a multimillion audience. It is the IT team with a staff of more than 500 specialists that dictates how the business will develop in the future.

Business geography and plans to enter IPO

If earlier the offices of Parimatch were based exclusively on the territory of the post-Soviet space, then thanks to digitalization, the zone of influence has expanded significantly. Over the past year and a half, the company has successfully integrated its services in more than 20 locations on the map. At the moment, this bookmaker is top-ranked in the following countries:

  • Africa;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • England;
  • Portugal;
  • Canada;
  • Latin America;
  • South Asia.

Several more EU countries will be added to this list this year. As for the upcoming IPO entry, the company will benefit from this procedure in all respects. Despite several issues to be resolved, the company’s representatives are well aware of the potential of such an expansion. One of the main problems is the high tax rates that operate within the framework of Ukrainian legislation. Given the country’s high gambling revenue potential, it is likely that the government will weaken these laws.

Current income level

The company’s policy is structured in such a way that 5% of each client’s bet goes as passive income. Thanks to this, a common capital is created from which the services of marketers, support services, IT, and other specialists are paid for. The company has about 5 billion bets per month, but the “average check” is different in different countries, for example, in Africa – $ 1, in Ukraine – $ 5, and in the UK – 20 pounds. Upon entering the IPO, the company will receive additional investments that it can use to develop and expand the boundaries of the business.


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