This is What Happens When You Try to Blackmail Storm Shadow

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 15, 2015

in G.I. Joe

Listen, if you’re going to blackmail someone from Cobra, make it someone who wants to keep their identity a secret (Cobra Commander), or has a family member whose life they value (like Cobra Commander), or has millions of personal funds tied up in organizational assets (Cobra Commander). Basically, blackmail Cobra Commander. Whatever you do, don’t try to blackmail Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow has nothing to lose. That’s the money part of being a ninja (besides the top-notch fighting skills and dope gear): you pledge yourself to the clan (in this case, Arashikage) and let all material possessions and personal aspects of your life go. Blackmail doesn’t work on someone who simultaneously has nothing at all yet everything they need. Also, don’t blackmail someone with a sword.

We learned today that you should also steer clear of attempting to blackmail people who play Storm Shadow (particularly well, I might add). Two women recently tried to blackmail actor Lee Byung-hun, most known stateside for his portrayal of Stormy in the G.I. Joe films. The Seoul Central District Court sentenced the pair to fourteen months, and one year in prison, respectively.

If you’re interested in what the women “had” on Byung-hun, click the link above. It has to do with lewd sexual comments and scorned lovers. Typical modern-era ninja stuff, I guess.

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