GRISWOLDS REUNITE! First Look at Ed Helms and Chevy Chase on Set of New ‘Vacation’ Movie


Below is an image from the set of the upcoming film in the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise, aptly titled Vacation. Ed Helms plays a grown Rusty Griswold, as he and his wife (played by Christina Applegate) set out to treat their own branch of the family tree to a vacation, Griswold style.

The image includes co-writer and director John Francis Daley (he of Freaks and Geeks fame), as well as Applegate, Helms, Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, and co-writer/director Jonathan M. Goldstein. The new generation of Griswold kids includes Rusty’s two sons (Clark’s grandkids). Audrey Griswold (played by Leslie Mann) is not pictured, nor is Randy Quaid/Cousin Eddie, because he’s straight up crazy now.

top image via ET Online


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