How to Stop an Addiction to Slot Machines

by Staff & Contributors

It is awful when you realize that slot machines have made a devoted player of you. When you are near the slots, the sounds, the lights, and the whole atmosphere grab you as if you are under a spell.

How to know you’ve got a real addiction to slot machines and sites such as gclub?


Here are five signs you are addicted to slots.

  • You can’t stop playing: Gamblers usually struggle with both the money and time they are spending. Betting can take over your life, and you may find yourself continually betting. You want to quit, but you can’t.
  • You bet money you can’t afford to lose: Compulsive gamblers don’t stop with money set aside for slots machines. They use the money set aside for savings or to pay bills or will borrow money to gamble.
  • Your bets go beyond gun: Slots addicts place bets for various reasons, besides entertainment. They want to escape anxiety or solve other problems.


It is time to find a way to free yourself from the urge to visit the slot machines and stop gambling.

The first thing you need to do is to admit you have an addiction problem. Any treatment will be ineffective if you can’t take the first step. Treating a slot addiction is possible if you admit to your friends and family that you have a problem, but you must also be ready to try.

Here are a few other tips that can help you escape from slots addiction.


Avoid Baits That Lead to Gambling

Every problem has a solution, and slot addiction is not an exception. To spare yourself and your salary, you must avoid environments that eventually lead to slot gaming.

First, you need to cut bad influences and people out of your life.

Second, you need to stay away from casinos or anything that might tempt you.

Surround yourself with people who share the same beliefs as you, and you’ll see that avoiding slots is not that hard.


Replace Your Slot Addiction with Something Positive

One way to stop your addiction to slots is to find another hobby. There are so many other things you can do. Whether it is jogging, biking or rock climbing, find something interesting and fun for you to do.

If you are doing something positive, you won’t have time to think about casinos, slots, or gambling games.


Get Support

Having real support from your friends and family can help you with your slot addiction problem. There are also professional groups of support who can help you find encouragement. You can share experiences with other people with similar issues and together fight the addiction.

While there is nothing wrong with the occasional visit to the casino, when it starts impacting your personal life, you need to take control of the situation.

The sooner you realize you have a slot gaming addiction, the easier it is to stop. There is nothing wrong with admitting that slot machines are your weakness. Your admission of the problem is what’s going to set you free.

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