The 6 Dumbest Displays of Strength in Human History

by Kevin Hellions @TeamHellions on July 17, 2013

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The word “strength” can mean so many things. There is physical strength, mental strength, military strength and more.

Many times the two go hand-in-hand, in public displays of beer muscles and redneckery. Take a look at some ridiculous shows of strength that make us scratch our heads:


The US Invades a Deserted Island

During World War II the United States fought Japan across every island of the Pacific, continually sending their Axis enemies back home- even when there were no Japanese to send home! The Americans landed on one side of the island of Kiska while the Canadians invaded the other coast, with the plan to squeeze out their Japanese adversaries.  Unknown to both, the Japanese forces had left the island two weeks earlier.

When each advancing army spotted the other they assumed it was the Japanese.  Ally fired on ally over two days.  In the end “friendly fire” officially killed 28 Americans and 4 Canadians, but there are another 191 Missing in Action who are also presumed lost due to this colossal misunderstanding.


The British Home Dental Plan

While insurance (especially dental insurance) is one of the great horrors of being an adult, most companies are willing to work out some sort of payment plan for dental work. Yet there is no end to stories of self dentistry. One British magazine estimates that over 3 million Brits have performed home dental work.

The scariest part is that ‘Extractions’ category

There is no sentence I could write here that will be better than the thoughts all of you readers are having over the idea of British Home Dental Work.


Pains of Glass

We all want that cushy office job, right? The type with a corner office, full of windows on both sides overlooking a majestic city. A city like Toronto.

Garry Hoy had a fun office trick to show off the strength of the Toronto-Dominion Centre and its windows. Garry would run full speed into the windows and harmlessly bounce off as the unbreakable glass held. Except for that one time it didn’t. Hoy fell from the 24th floor to his ultimate fate in front of one of Toronto’s many Pizza Pizzas and Tim Horton’s.


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Depoty July 17, 2013 at 9:21 am

The only one I had heard of (besides Joey) is the Toronto guy. Good list!

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