The 6 Dumbest Displays of Strength in Human History

by Kevin Hellions @TeamHellions on July 17, 2013

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General John Sedgwick vs. Elephants

General John Sedgwick carries the distinction of being the highest ranking Union casualty during the Civil War. He was a General, and a strong one- the kind that inspired strength in his soldiers.  The kind that charged first into battle, always rallying them with a legendary speech or battle cry.  At the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, he chose the wrong words.

What? Men dodging this way for single bullets? What will you do when they open fire along the whole line? I am ashamed of you. They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.

They could, and they did. And Sedgwick was ‘the elephant’.  Exceeding Gen. Sedgwick’s expectations, a Confederate sniper either hit his target or got terribly lucky.


That’s Using Your Head

We know that soccer is a very popular sport with very passionate fans. It should be no surprise to hear stories of fans getting too rowdy and throwing items on the field, or even worse within the stands.

Thirty year-old soccer fan John Taylor attempted to show off his wealth of skills at a Blackburn Rovers match. We’ve all seen headers performed on a soccer ball hundreds of times. But a 25 pound trash can flying through the air?  That is a whole other kettle of physics. The fan collapsed at the arena and died the next day.


The Annual Stupid Show of American Strength

It’s time to crown the ultimate stupid display of strength. This man has fast become a legend. He is number one in his sport. He has won 7 consecutive titles which puts him on the all-time greats list for any sport. Weighing in at a slim, trim, chiseled and jacked 210 pounds, his diet (most of the time) consists of water, milk and protein bars. The man is a machine, the epitome of human conditioning.

Best of all he’s an American hero. He defeated the foreign enemy who took the championship. Every 4th of July since he is there to rally us together in appreciation of what an American can do, the modern day Captain America. The one, the only, the 7 time Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion…. Joey Chestnut.


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Depoty July 17, 2013 at 9:21 am

The only one I had heard of (besides Joey) is the Toronto guy. Good list!

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