Cube Solitaire: A game review and tips to earn money

Similar to listening to music or reading a book, playing Solitaire is an excellent time killer. It is a classic game of concentration and patience. Ideally, it is played by one person, but other people can join the fun.

Today, the classic game of Solitaire has been re-imagined, and several variants of the game are found online. One of its most popular variations is Cube Solitaire, and online gamers cannot keep their hands off their phone ever since the mobile version of the game was introduced. What’s more, the games offer cash prizes and rewards. So, you can enjoy playing your favorite game and staying entertained while also earning money.

Haven’t you played Cube Solitaire on your mobile phone yet? If you haven’t had the chance, you might have a lot of questions. Keep reading for a detailed review of the game and a few tips to help you earn money.

Cube Solitaire: What is it, and how does it work?

The Solitaire Cube app is similar to regular Solitaire, but you can play against another person, and it is faster to play. While the game was once famous on computers, you can download the app on your mobile phone and enjoy it wherever and whenever.

Cube Solitaire is played with one deck of cards and four suits. The objective is to make a relevant sequence of the same suit from Ace to King. Once the sequence is complete, it must be placed on the foundation pile. The game can be played in a 1VN or 1V1 format, and each game lasts for five minutes. When the time’s up, whoever player scores the highest is declared the winner.

The game’s board is divided into three parts. The timer runs on the upper part of the board, and that’s where you can see your and the opponent’s score. The middle part is where the cards are stacked, and you need to arrange them in proper sequences. Finally, in the lowest part, you’ll see the undo, submit, and settings buttons.

Players can earn points in several ways. For instance, you can score 100 points for adding a card to the foundation pile and 500 points for creating a correct set in the foundation pile. Points can also be scored by adding a card from stockpile to tableau, a pre-removed card from the foundation pile to the tableau, and turning a card face up in tableau.

But, you will also lose points if you draw the stockpile four times or more and move cards from the foundation pile to the tableau. So, make sure to steer clear of making such rash moves that will make you lose points.

How to play Cube Solitaire?

You need to download Cube Solitaire to play it on your mobile phone. You can connect with opponents in real-time to play the game, but there’s no wait time. When you match with your opponent, you can play the game together, and you can see your opponent’s score on your screen. Alternatively, you can finish the game from your end, and your opponent can play whenever they have time. In such a case, the score will be calculated once both of you finish the game. Whoever scores the highest will be the winner.

Similar to the classic Solitaire, Cube Solitaire is about making rows of cards from Ace to King. The game has a 5-minute timer, which makes it fast-paced and challenging. If you end the game before the timer stops, you get bonus points.

The game can be played in two ways:

  • Free or practice game mode: Practice game mode is straightforward and played for free. You don’t win any cash rewards in this format. You can play as many matches as you want and it can help you to hone your skills.
  • Tournaments: After you have learned and mastered the rules of Cube Solitaire by playing practice games, you can partake in tournaments. You can earn real cash when you participate in contests and battles with other opponents. When you score the highest, you win cash rewards and prizes. It would help if you stayed peeled for new tournaments that are introduced now and then. It is important to play many practice games and ante up to compete in contests and outwit the opponents.

Tips to accentuate your chances of winning

If you’ve played regular Solitaire, you already know the rules. While the rules and game’s objectives remain the same, there’s a time limit. You need to try and earn as many points as possible within 5-minutes. To improve your chances of winning cash by playing Cube Solitaire, keep in mind the following:

  • Read the rules of the game and contest rules properly. Play a few practice games before partaking in the tournaments so you can outrun your competitors and win cash prizes.
  • Use the undo button when you think you’ve played a wrong move.
  • Don’t leave any tables or columns empty, as you will be wasting an entire space. You can use the columns as temporary storage for your cards when transferring the complete sequence to the foundation pile.
  • Avoid drawing from the stockpile more than three times. If you draw four or more times, you will lose twenty points. During a tournament, you cannot afford to lose a single point.
  • Brush your skills so you can finish making sequences before the timer runs out. You can earn time bonus points by doing so, which might be the differentiator when points are finally collected and calculated.

The Cube Solitaire online games offering cash are legal as long as you are not residing in any US states that ban such cash-making games. So, do your research before participating in cash contests.

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