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Previous Special Guests:
WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele
Guinness World Record Holder John Moschitta Jr. (“Micro Machines/Fed Ex guy”)
Diamond Dallas Page
Grantland & Cheap Heat’s David Shoemaker AKA The Masked Man
ESPN writer and Author of “How Fantasy Sports Explains the World” AJ Mass

Podcast Episode #120 – The Future Classics of Television

From Brooklyn Nine Nine to House of Cards, these are television’s “future classics”.

Podcast Episode #119 – #SNL40 Recap

The guys break down the three and a half hour extravaganza, including rating the best and worst sketches, the musical performances, and more.

Podcast #118 – Spider-Man, Marvel, and Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot!

Episode #118 is here!

Podcast #117 – The Best Television Dramas of All Time

The one hundred and seventeenth episode of our podcast is now available to listen to. Thank you.

Podcast #116 – Ghostbusters, Fantastic Four and More

Episode #116 is here!

Podcast #115 – Most Anticipated Geek Things for Q1 2015

Television, movies, comic books, and new toys (!!!!) all headline the discussion in this week’s episode.

Podcast #114 – “The Pepsi Kid” (Best of 2014)

Corey, Tank, and e discuss the holiday break, create a new Under Scoop Fire mascot, get into a heated movie discussion and more. They play a round of 20 Questions, and give their “Best Of 2014” favorites.

Podcast #113 – A Very Scoopy Christmas

UnderScoopFire Podcast – Christmas 2014 Edition!

Podcast #112 – The Future of the Podcast

This week, Tank, e, and Corey make some announcements regarding the future of the podcast, and pull back the curtain regarding recent show controversies.

Podcast #111 – The Marvel Studios Phase 3 Announcements

Corey & Tank break down each upcoming Marvel film through the eyes of a couple of movie lovers.

Podcast #110 – Peruvian Chicken & Jobola

Corey & e enjoy a free flowing conversation that includes such topics as American Horror Story: Freak Show, Gotham, custom Taco Bell menu items, The Newsroom, NBA2K15, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more!

Podcast #109 – A Game of SCOOPergories

Thumbnail image for Podcast #109 – A Game of SCOOPergories

A sample of the categories in this edition:

I dream of ____
Under Miss Piggy’s dress
Uncle Jesse sex move
Obscure Care Bears

Podcast #108 – Most Anticipated Geek Things Q4 2014

Howie, Tank, Corey, and e fulfill their quarterly duty and discuss their most anticipated movies, television shows, comics, toys, and music coming out in the next three months.

Podcast #107 – 25th Anniversary TGIF Fantasy Draft

LISTEN NOW to see who was selected in the first round, which MAJOR characters were snubbed, which SURPRISING show had the most characters selected and why Coach Lubbock will be the one begging Uncle Jesse to “HAVE MERCY”!

Podcast #106 – Casting More Bill Murray-Inspired Shequels and Sheboots

Corey, Howie and Tank bring 8 more male-dominated movie franchises back and cast all-female leads.