’48 Hours’ Gives More Reasons to Fall in Love with ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

by Jessica Kane

​Tonight’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine found Andy Samberg and Co. racing against a 48-hour clock to prove a robbery suspect’s guilt. I was initially concerned about Samberg’s ability to lead a network show, but I find myself getting more charmed and tickled by his goofy, lovable character with each passing episode. His screw-ups (which this episode – and the others, really – revolve around) help make Samberg more human and likeable, if only because he at least attempts to rectify each dumb choice he makes.

The freshman comedy gained serious momentum in its last couple of episodes (‘Halloween’ was probably the most refreshing episode of a network sitcom I’ve seen in at least two years), and while ’48 Hours’ still delivered some great laughs, it felt more subdued.

This episode felt more focused on building and exploring character relationships, with Peralta and Santiago serving as the main focal point (with Boyle/Diaz/Gina and Holt/Jeffords serving as the B and C stories). A hook-up between these two has felt inevitable since the pilot, and Peralta’s sweet act of snagging a date for Santiago (after screwing it up several times) made me root for them as a couple for the first time. The two don’t have a natural chemistry, and the comedy is much more of a draw so far for Brooklyn, but I’m interested to see where the path the writers are carving out for the pair leads.

The pie debate between Boyle, Diaz, and Gina was entertaining enough, if not a bit predictable. As usual I was completely focused on Holt, whose stoicism worked perfectly against Jeffords’ neurotic concerns about his brother-in-law (I’d like there to be more pickle references in the show, please). To be fair though, Braugher makes me laugh every time I see him on the show, so I wasn’t surprised I loved his story so much. I’m falling in love with the crew at the 99th precinct, and after these first seven episodes it’s hard to believe I’m the only one.


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