Jessica Kane

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ First Christmas Episode Jingles All the Way

This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine continued the show’s streak of holiday-themed episodes (starting with last week’s Thanksgiving) with, you guessed it, Christmas. Just in case you really weren’t sure what holiday Christmas was going to revolve around, the cold open kicks off with a good-old fashioned Santa fight (think Jingle All the Way minus the candy […]

The Side Dishes Shine at ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’s ‘Thanksgiving’ Table

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Thanksgiving episode gives the supporting characters some time to shine.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap – ‘Sal’s Pizza’ Pulls an Edna’s Edibles

The November 19 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine saw Peralta and Boyle trying to track down the arsonist who burned down the titular Sal’s Pizza, home to the “eighth best pizza” in Brooklyn (Boyle’s words, not mine). The task is made harder when fire marshal Boone (played by Patton Oswalt) refuses to grant the NYPD access […]

Holy Stacy Keach! ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: ‘Old School’

Old School featured guest star Stacy Keach as Peralta’s childhood hero Jimmy Brogan. Keach does a great job as a hardened journalist who penned The Squad back in the 70s, a book that details the rough-and-tumble life of New York policemen and that eventually served as inspiration for Peralta to become a cop. Brogan spends […]

’48 Hours’ Gives More Reasons to Fall in Love with ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

​Tonight’s episode of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ found Andy Samberg and Co. racing against a 48-hour clock to prove a robbery suspect’s guilt.