Don’t Try This at Home: The 5 Dumbest Things People Have Attempted After Seeing it on Breaking Bad

A few years ago, the WWE had to insert a “Don’t Try This At Home” disclaimer in their programming. The main goal of the campaign was twofold: to remind impressionable viewers not to slap a Clover Leaf on their little sister, and to cover the WWE’s collective asses.

Breaking Bad comes with no such warning label, so everything you see on there is cool to try. That’s the way I read the situation. The following people clearly agree.

These are the dumbest things people have attempted after seeing it on Breaking Bad:


Disposing of a dead body in an acid-filled bathtub

Washington man Jason Hart tried to emulate Walter White’s trademark body-disposal trick from early in season 1.

From NWCN:

Detectives found Regan Jolley’s body soaking in a plastic tub full of acid in a garage along 14800 block of West Autumn Lane on Tuesday. According to court documents, she was partially submerged and nude when authorities found her. An empty bottle of sulfuric acid was nearby.

New court documents also revealed that Hart had purchased a chemistry book two weeks prior. And the day before Jolley’s body was found, he had told friends that she was going out of town for a few days.

Hart had even left season 1 disc 1 in his DVD player.


Converting a stolen RV into a roadside meth lab

These guys took to the road and turned the hills of Tennessee into their own personal meth lab. At least Pinkman always left the RV to have a smoke.


Cooking blue meth

This one is as simple as it gets. Hey, if you’re gonna cook some meth, that’s your deal. I’m not here to judge. But don’t do it because you saw it on Breaking Bad.


image via UPROXX

UPROXX has this story about a Kansas City police chief who believes the blue meth he found was inspired by “the TV show on AMC called Breaking Bad”.


Creating this image to use as a Facebook banner

By Redditor IanEckie, even though this is a (well set up) joke I had to share it here.

I’m clearly running out of steam here…


Making rock candy that looks exactly like blue meth

Actually, this is just a good idea. This Etsy seller is moving units to the tune of $5 for 2 ounces.

image via Etsy


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AMC’s Breaking Bad returns on Sunday, August 11.

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