Advantages of using THCV

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Cannabis typically contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. We don’t know much about the human effects of this trace amount of cannabinoid.


What is THCV?

Compared with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a less prevalent phytocannabinoid found in cannabis.

The endocannabinoid systems (ECS) interact with cannabinoids. This system consists of cannabinoid receptors and messenger molecules as well as enzymes. It plays a part in maintaining the body’s homeostasis or internal regulatory balance. Phytocannabinoids interact with the body’s cannabinoid receivers and other targets to create psychoactive and therapeutic results.

Although THCV is less well-known than CBD and THC, it has many potential therapeutic benefits that may reduce the psychoactivity of THC.

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How does THCV work?

THCV, like all other phytocannabinoids, is made in cannabis trichomes. These are the hairlike epithelial cells found on the plant’s surface. THCV binds both to CB1 and CB2, which are the most studied cannabinoid receptors.


Can THCV get you high?

THCV often gets overlooked in comparison to other cannabinoids. The molecule’s potential and effects are still unexplored by researchers. The psychoactive properties of THCV are complex and largely depend on how much you take. THCV cannot serve as an isolated concentrate because of its low levels in cannabis strains. High levels of THCV in cannabis strains are often also high in THC, so the high is added.


Is THCV Illegal?

THCV’s legal status is not yet determined by legislation. It does not appear on the federally prohibited substances list. However, any substance containing THCV, including marijuana, may be considered illegal at the federal level because they are, in essence, marijuana.

You will be able to find products with THCV in any state that legalizes marijuana, even strains with it. THCV products that are illegal will be harder to find. One exception is hemp-derived CBD oils, which may also contain THCV.


What are the benefits of THCV?

The potential of THCV may treat a variety of diseases and improve many physical functions is remarkable. Researchers are still puzzled because THCV has both beneficial effects at low doses and the opposite effect at higher doses. Additional research is needed to determine the full extent of THCV’s effects on the human body and its potential therapeutic uses. Several studies on animals and humans have shown a range of possible therapeutic uses for the cannabinoid.

  • Anticonvulsant research published in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics in 2015 concluded that THCV might be able to reduce seizure activity among epileptic subjects.
  • Anti-inflammatory: In a 2010 study published in The British Journal of Pharmacology, THCV reduced inflammation and pain in mice.
  • Appetite-suppressant and glucose regulator: According to a review of studies published by the Journal of Cannabis Research in 2020, THCV provides appetite suppression and glycemic control. All the reviewed studies examined obesity and diabetes in mice and humans.
  • Bone Growth Stimulant: According to a 2007 study based on tissue samples, Calcified Tissue International published THCV as one of many cannabinoids that may help bone health and healing.
  • Neuroprotective A 2020 study of mice in Neurobiology and Disease found that THCV has neuroprotective properties, which may help treat Parkinson’s Disease. A British Journal of Pharmacology published another 2020 study that found THCV had the potential to treat neuroinflammation and Huntington’s Disease.


Where can you purchase THCV?

The cannabinoid THCV is gaining more and more attention due to its unique and powerful effects. THCV can be difficult to find in large quantities, except for a few strains that are mostly African sativas. It is difficult to find a pure THCV extraction or products such as isolated THCV oils. It is better to look for generic cannabis oil or extract containing THCV.

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